Mean Streak

A friend told me today that I don’t have  one mean streak in me.

I was very flattered.  Because I don’t want to be mean.

But in fairness to Husband, Children,  Siblings , friends and coworkers I should come clean.  Upfront.  Honest.

I have a snarky streak.

I have a cranky streak.

I have a moody streak.

I have “Lord please don’t let her start lecturing” streak.

I have a cussing streak.

Do these streaks count as a mean streak?

I hope not.

But now I have to pay attention to all of these streaks I do have.  Because if they come across as mean, it doesn’t really matter what they are.   It’s hurtful.

I don’t want to be hurtful.

How does one de-snarky themselves?

Oh the joys of self awareness.