Mean Streak

A friend told me today that I don’t have  one mean streak in me.

I was very flattered.  Because I don’t want to be mean.

But in fairness to Husband, Children,  Siblings , friends and coworkers I should come clean.  Upfront.  Honest.

I have a snarky streak.

I have a cranky streak.

I have a moody streak.

I have “Lord please don’t let her start lecturing” streak.

I have a cussing streak.

Do these streaks count as a mean streak?

I hope not.

But now I have to pay attention to all of these streaks I do have.  Because if they come across as mean, it doesn’t really matter what they are.   It’s hurtful.

I don’t want to be hurtful.

How does one de-snarky themselves?

Oh the joys of self awareness.

36 thoughts on “Mean Streak

  1. I like the peppermint pattie remark above. It sounds like sound advice. In fact I might start being snarky so I have the opportunity to use the above remedy! 🙂 I think you are loving and caring and human. Everyone has their moments. 🙂


      • I’m blushing. I agree with bikebrowns comment. Put that list with your list and you get a well-rounded person. Balance in life is so important. My blog was meant to show we can get out of balance by bringing our old baggage with us. We are like kids walking to school with giant backpacks. The things we carry bend us over and get us out of balance. Before our day begins, we are worn out. All joy today.HF


        • HF-first and foremost I love your sign off “All Joy Today”, that alone helps cut out much of the daily baggage. How can one hope for “all joy” and then focus on that baggage. I loved that post.

          I try for balance. Sometimes I fail. But sometimes I am spot on balanced and winning the gold! 😉


  2. Colleen, listen to mr brown …. *smile – love his comment.
    I know people that think it’s cool to have a mean streak … and I can’t understand that for my life.
    if I have any streaks???
    I have a dancing-streak
    I have a pushy-streak
    I have a don’t give up- streak
    I have a funny-streak
    plus all yours. *smile


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