You’re My Favorite Again Today!

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Every day I find myself experiencing something funny, or touching, or astounding.   Someone says something to make me laugh.  Or make me feel good about myself.  Or make me think carefully about what I am doing or saying.   Kind of like what a guardian angel would do.

And because of this,  every day I try to tell someone “you’re my favorite today!”.    And it makes them smile. 

I’ve told this to my friends, my co-workers, a couple of different nurses, a couple of different doctors.   People who are helping me on the phone with business, or personal matters.  People who have stepped in to my life for a brief stay and exited just as quickly for whatever it is they are doing for me, with me, because of me. 

I told a hair sylist because she told me I had the spikey personality to go with my hair.

I told …

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