How Old I Am

When I was a child I felt old.  There was something unnatural about me being short, young, and having to sit in the child section of the world.  I just felt older.   On more than one occasion, as a teenager, I would be with my dad and people would mistake me for his wife.   It never bothered me that people thought I was older than I was.  I kind of felt like people who assumed that, must have sensed something about me to assume I was older.

Now that I’m physically older I don’t feel old at all.

Go figure.

If I felt old as a child wouldn’t I, shouldn’t I,  feel prehistoric now?

I don’t.

Today at work my friend asked me how old I would be this year.   When she said it out loud it kind of felt …. weird.   What?  How in the world will I be that old?   She shook her head and said “you seem so young”.

She immediately earned ‘you’re my favorite’ status.  It may carry over for a few days.   Weeks.

I’m sure there’s a lesson to be had here.   I just don’t know for sure what it is.  I probably could have figured it out when I was ten and felt older.   But now that I’m older and feel quite juvenile I seem to have lost some insight.

There is something unnatural to being this incredibly tall (however tall I want to be), feel as young as I feel, and have to sit in the adult section of the world.

I think I am trans-aged