How Old I Am

When I was a child I felt old.  There was something unnatural about me being short, young, and having to sit in the child section of the world.  I just felt older.   On more than one occasion, as a teenager, I would be with my dad and people would mistake me for his wife.   It never bothered me that people thought I was older than I was.  I kind of felt like people who assumed that, must have sensed something about me to assume I was older.

Now that I’m physically older I don’t feel old at all.

Go figure.

If I felt old as a child wouldn’t I, shouldn’t I,  feel prehistoric now?

I don’t.

Today at work my friend asked me how old I would be this year.   When she said it out loud it kind of felt …. weird.   What?  How in the world will I be that old?   She shook her head and said “you seem so young”.

She immediately earned ‘you’re my favorite’ status.  It may carry over for a few days.   Weeks.

I’m sure there’s a lesson to be had here.   I just don’t know for sure what it is.  I probably could have figured it out when I was ten and felt older.   But now that I’m older and feel quite juvenile I seem to have lost some insight.

There is something unnatural to being this incredibly tall (however tall I want to be), feel as young as I feel, and have to sit in the adult section of the world.

I think I am trans-aged

22 thoughts on “How Old I Am

  1. trans-age …. a great word. They say that age is just a number, but ask me and that’s not true – I would love to have my 30th old body, be 40-45 and have my 65 years of experiences. I think it’s true that we are so old as we are in our heart.


  2. Well, I have to say, your infinite wisdom and insight makes you seem older but your fun-loving nature and carefree approach to life that comes out in your words makes you seem incredibly young! Truly the best of both worlds!!!


  3. Trans-aged. I like that. I feel that way, too. The other day I was wondering if I could do a cartwheel. I can (and did). The reason I wondered (and then did it) was because I got to thinking about my grandmother. When I was a child and she’d try to shoo me out to play on a hot summer’s day, I’d whine, “I’m too tired. I’ll go out later.” She’d respond, “Tired??! You’re too young to be tired! What are you going to do when you’re old like me?” I answered, “Turn cartwheels.” So, that cartwheel was for my Granny. 🙂


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