Stone Walls

My writing room has been built.

But it isn’t mine.  It’s Synge’s.

I’ve used his writing room.   Otherwise known as his chair.

But if I could model my room after his.   I would do it.

It has walls.  An entry.  A place to sit.

And a view.

I could write here.  Comfortably.  Happily.

Every day.

The Writing Room Dream.

The Writing Room Dream.

Everything I Need.   Or is it want?

Everything I Need. Or is it want?

I Have  A View Like No Other

I Have A View Like No Other

If I'm Not Writing I'm Loving Where I Am-And That's Enough To Write About

If I’m Not Writing I’m Loving Where I Am-And That’s Enough To Write About

It's Not Fancy

It’s Not Fancy

My Writing Room

My Writing Room

If it were mine it would be the most exquisite writing room in the world.  And I would be very happy indeed.





Daily Prompt wanted to know if :  A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

If they have magical powers to make this happen and this is a contest….please enter me!



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