Stone Walls

My writing room has been built.

But it isn’t mine.  It’s Synge’s.

I’ve used his writing room.   Otherwise known as his chair.

But if I could model my room after his.   I would do it.

It has walls.  An entry.  A place to sit.

And a view.

I could write here.  Comfortably.  Happily.

Every day.

The Writing Room Dream.

The Writing Room Dream.

Everything I Need.   Or is it want?

Everything I Need. Or is it want?

I Have  A View Like No Other

I Have A View Like No Other

If I'm Not Writing I'm Loving Where I Am-And That's Enough To Write About

If I’m Not Writing I’m Loving Where I Am-And That’s Enough To Write About

It's Not Fancy

It’s Not Fancy

My Writing Room

My Writing Room

If it were mine it would be the most exquisite writing room in the world.  And I would be very happy indeed.





Daily Prompt wanted to know if :  A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

If they have magical powers to make this happen and this is a contest….please enter me!



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46 thoughts on “Stone Walls

  1. denmother says:

    Such a divine place. I can only imagine the inspiration that would visit there.


  2. bikebrown says:

    How could you sit there and not be a writer?


  3. Irish Katie says:

    *smiles* …. Synge? The Irish poet I take it you are meaning?


    • John Synge. Our last trip to Ireland we went to Inishmaan. (I know there are fifty different ways to spell this). We walked from the pier to his house to his “chair”. Worth every second and to do it again would be a blessing! 🙂


  4. Anka says:

    That writing room gives you all the inspiration you need. Plus, an incredible view!


  5. billduff says:

    …and so you are poet, too? Good grief. I guess nothing is cast in stone, eh?


  6. marymtf says:

    Lovely view, but you’d be spending more time admiring the view than working. Better a boring view. 🙂


  7. Damn, Colleen, I’m with you here! What an amaing place to write! Nothing like the sound and smell and sight of waves crashing onto rock! The magic of words emerge!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I would presume most write with shelves of books all around them…. But I would be more inspired with this!!!!!
    Well done!


  9. Trish Worth says:

    Fantastic! I enjoyed reading this and looking at the illustrations. I’m sure I could find a stony seat on the seashore near me. You’ve given me an idea…


  10. Okay, that is the ultimate writing room! Absolutely perfect! Now I’m dying to know if it is in the U.S. or a different country?


  11. Yaz says:

    Now that’s an amazing writing room, Colleen! There’s nothing like nature to inspire. Really and truly.


    • 🙂 I thought so. I would take that walk every day if I could. I might meander a little and go different ways. But I would sit there. And write. Or think about writing. I think you would truly love it.


  12. Mustang.Koji says:

    Views of the skies, ocean, nature… Very, very nice writing room. I am jealous.

    (Where’s the power outlet?)


  13. It sounds like the genie came and went some time ago…


  14. How lovely to share this wonderful place….and now I’m curious about the poet as well….thankyou


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