My Heart Is Printed Upon

I love kindnesses big and small.

I can’t help it!

I love them all!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

The other day I came home from work and put my feet up to do nothing.  Husband came home and was doing the same.   We sometimes fight over who should be doing all of this nothingness.  Blast!  My need for honesty…okay we don’t fight about this.  We have equal shares of doing nothing.  As we sat about with all of our busy work of nothingness the UPS man pulls up.

Husband orders lots of things on line.  It is a rare week indeed when something isn’t delivered.  He believes in getting things for free.   So I have received many an item of freebie that I didn’t know I wanted.  And still wasn’t convinced after I received.

His response “but it’s free!”

He goes outside to see what treasures the UPS man brought him.  He carries in two decent size boxes.  One he opens and pulls out a special little hunters pillow he intends to use for hiking and when riding his recumbent bicycle.   The other box he stands there looking at me.   Looking at the box.  He said he didn’t expect this  to arrive so soon.

What is “this” I ask.    He looks at me, quite pitifully.  I think …anniversary?  No, too far away.  Birthday?  No, too far away.   Ah!  Valentines day.  He is a pre-planner.

I tell him he doesn’t have to give whatever it is to me if it was a gift.  He said he can’t keep a secret if I know it’s there.

I just look at him.  I know he’s going to give me the box.

He does.

And in it is his thoughtfulness.  His plan ahead-ness.

When I started this blog I literally sat in a room with a friend who said “do this” and I said “okay”.  She started typing in to WordPress, her blog site of choice.  And she started a blog for me.  I didn’t type a word.  She did.  She asked me what to call it.  Without much time to think of this from the ten minutes ago she talked me in to it I had the word “blog” stuck in my head.   Then the thought “chatter box” came in to my head.  Then quick as a thinker I am I said “Colleen’s Chatter Blog” which has since been shortened to “The Chatter Blog”.   Pretty creative.  I know.

What am I going to call myself?

Oh.   Well.  Chatter Master came later, maybe a few months to a year later.  I didn’t know if I liked it.  But I’m too lazy to change it.

But it’s kind of growing on me.  Especially when people call me “Chatter Master” or “CM” (I love people who shorten my name to initials, I do it always, so I adore your doing it.  I think we bond a little over that.)

He hands me the big box.   And I open it to find little boxes.

Little Box

Little Box

Just think of your life before The Chatter Blog…. an empty cup.  No no, I’m not saying your life was empty.   Just this cup was.

Empty Cup

Empty Cup

Now it is a full cup of chatter.   And not because of me.  But because of all of the dialogue with all of you.   The cup is full of chatter.

Cup O' Chatter

Cup O’ Chatter

There were only five.   He thinks I should give at least one away.  I have already given some away.  I may have one to spare.

First person to say they want it in the comments, gets it.

Why did he do this?

Because another reader commented she saw a cup, it had a comment on it, and she thought of me.  She sent me the link.   She doesn’t know it, but she gets one already.   😉   How nice to know that someone, somewhere out there, saw something about “Chatter” and thought of me.   And that made Husband think of doing something nice for me.

My cup truly is printed upon.

Or maybe it’s my heart.

Thank you, any one of you, for your acts of kindness towards me in thought or word.

It really does matter.