I Am So So Sorry To Subject You To This

Avert your eyes world.

This is going to be worth you stopping here.  Delete this from your email.  Your thoughts.

Just ignore it.


You are my brothers.

I have been trying for two hours to send this via email.

It won’t work.

Seriously world, if you have any sense of self preservation you will not go past right:   here.

As horrid as this is to put on my blog, I can’t tell you how much time it took to do this.   You would think mere seconds.   Not the hours it has turned in to.   Take in to account I practiced this in my car at lunch.   I went after work and got a hair cut.   I tried but could not suck in my neck and chins.   I couldn’t put any depth in to my lips (I appear lipless).   And I pulled on a clean shirt over the sweaty shirt I was wearing while on the treadmill.

 All so I could do this for my brothers.

With love.  My attempt at being funny in singing to them for their birthday.   🙂

The video does not express the depth of my love for my brothers.  But putting it here so they can see it surely does.

World, my apologies.

I promise  I sing much better when you aren’t listening.   Sadly, I can’t prove this.  Once your ears hear me, all my talent is lost.

I will pretend that my speaking (chattering) voice sounds better as well.

Brothers, happy birthday.