I Am So So Sorry To Subject You To This

Avert your eyes world.

This is going to be worth you stopping here.  Delete this from your email.  Your thoughts.

Just ignore it.


You are my brothers.

I have been trying for two hours to send this via email.

It won’t work.

Seriously world, if you have any sense of self preservation you will not go past right:   here.

As horrid as this is to put on my blog, I can’t tell you how much time it took to do this.   You would think mere seconds.   Not the hours it has turned in to.   Take in to account I practiced this in my car at lunch.   I went after work and got a hair cut.   I tried but could not suck in my neck and chins.   I couldn’t put any depth in to my lips (I appear lipless).   And I pulled on a clean shirt over the sweaty shirt I was wearing while on the treadmill.

 All so I could do this for my brothers.

With love.  My attempt at being funny in singing to them for their birthday.   🙂

The video does not express the depth of my love for my brothers.  But putting it here so they can see it surely does.

World, my apologies.

I promise  I sing much better when you aren’t listening.   Sadly, I can’t prove this.  Once your ears hear me, all my talent is lost.

I will pretend that my speaking (chattering) voice sounds better as well.

Brothers, happy birthday.

40 thoughts on “I Am So So Sorry To Subject You To This

    • They will. If I can ever get it to them! I sent it via email. Half of the emails have been returned. Probably because of their spam blocks. And now I can’t get emails to go through to tell them to see the blog! 🙂


  1. Nobel effort, Chatter Master!!! The singing and not your mastery of emailing! 🙂

    But… a play by play perhaps? Little Brooke was watching the start of “Jessie” on TV… I started your video. Brooke ran over to see (or investigate)…. and…


  2. This is a wonderful gift to your brothers. Nice job BTW on your video. I have a video I would love to upload to youtube, but it won’t let me because it is longer than 10 minutes. It is a video of my husband and our friends shocking themselves with a dog collar- starting at 1 and ending at 8! It is soooo soooo funny.


  3. Thanks for the hard work and dedication getting this to us. You are truely a thoughtful and loving person and I am glad you are my sister. By the way I just read your blog from Feb 8 2012 and I do remember the crab apples but I recall “forts” where both parties were akin to throwing as opposed to the ambush you describe. Also I do not recall number 9 so much? Love you.


  4. I.

    (Seriously … you sing wayyyy better than I do!)

    It was sweet, and when you do get it finally sent, I am sure they will think so as well. Oh…you can send them a link to this blog…that might go thru easier.

    And of course, l wish them a very happy birthday too. (They are twins?)


  5. Hey there was so much heart in this, what’s not to love? Like a parent at a recital, how can their child do any wrong. I’m smiling so widely from this I have one cheek in California and the other in India. Your brother’s are lucky to have a great sis like you. Happy birthday to them. Paulete


  6. Dear Colleen, don’t give up your daytime job – but I love the little video and I know that your brother will be thrilled by it and his day will be brighten up .. with lightning. LOVE IT!


  7. I think you need voice lessons, Colleen!!! Hahaha!!! but I just LOVED meeting you in some kind of way! What a lovely thought, to sing to your brothers like this. You are a wonderful soul, and I hope they know how lucky they are.


  8. fantastic! Sorry but when you tell me to do something, I have to do it, so I had to read your blog – and I am glad I did. 🙂 Happy Birthday to your brothers.


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