Reality Make Us Equal

It’s a reality.

Regardless of what kind of money you have.   Or don’t have.

Regardless of how famous you are, or are not.

Despite being royal or presidential, or someone flipping burgers at White Castle.

No matter the role you play in life.

Anyone who thinks, or acts as if, they are better than another because of perceived status, wealth, or imagined superiority has to accept some basic facts.

We all need the same basic things to survive.



Love (for any quality).




We May All Claim Our Place Upon The Throne.

We May All Claim Our Place Upon The Throne.

Lose any one of these things or have one of them taken away and you are an unhappy person.

Taking one of these things from others makes you a horrible person.

Everything else is baggage, bonus, or goes in the throne.

19 thoughts on “Reality Make Us Equal

  1. We have all claimed our “place on the throne” at one point or another. No one is exempt from that, right? Or, as my husband likes to say, “we all put on our pants the same way!”


    • I’m pretty certain we all have the need and the use of a throne. 😉 And I don’t know about you, but I hang my pants up between the door jamb, take a run, and jump in, both feet first. Just like everyone else. 😉


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