Our Once Great Country

Our Once Great Country.

How many times have we thought this?  Heard this?  Or said it ourselves?   Out of frustration at the drug problems, the equality issues, the political ridiculousness.    Have we muttered it under our breaths because of the arguments over having guns or having gun controls.  Do we roll our eyes at the incomprehensible debt.  Are we dropping our heads in acceptance and shame at the decline of our country?

Our Once Great Country is still our country.  It’s greatness is not defined by it’s borders.  Or it’s politicians.  It’s military might.   It’s medical plan.

Our Once Great Country is defined by you.  And me.  Our children.  Their children.  My parents.  Their parents.

Our Once Great Country is only as great as those of us who stand on it’s soil and represent it’s Greatness.

And among our greatness is our greatest weakness.  Our greatest threat.  Our weakest link.

And again, it isn’t the borders, or the politicians, or the laws.   It is the people.  It is you.  It is me.  It is our children.  It is our parents.  And their parents.

The same thing that defines our greatness, also defines our darkness and our self loathing.

Our Once Great Country is only as good as you and I.   And at it’s worst, it is represented, by you and I.

If you are part of this country and working hard every day to provide guidance and parenting to your children you are building on our greatness.

If you are bringing forth children in to this country and not doing everything in your power to feed, clothe and parent your children you are a threat to our greatness.

If you get up every day and go to work or work hard at finding work, or have spent years of your life working hard until you could no longer work, you are building on our greatness.

If you are able and not willing to work.  If you work at illegal trades that are destroying our people.  If you refuse to work and instead live off of what you steal from your parents, grandparents or strangers whom you feel an entitlement to steal from, you are a threat to our greatness.

If you volunteer to help the children, the teenagers, the grieving, the addicted, the lost and those willing to give up-you are a solid part of our great foundation.

If you sneer at another’s good deeds and belittle the kindness that strangers in this country show to one another and those across the world-you are a crumbling foundation block.  It’s as if you are self disintegrating, picking up the stones of what you once were, and throwing them at the very foundation of what supports you.

Our Country’s Greatness is an individual choice.  A choice that being American we all have.  That alone is part of our greatness.  You have the right to be as great as our country.  Or you have the right to drain us, strain us, and attempt to ruin us.

I believe for every one person choosing to ruin us there are thousands who are willing to work harder to compensate for your bad choices.  You’re not caring.  Your willingness to destroy something good and decent.

For every thing you do that robs this country of it’s resources:  people, energy, funds, character.   You, and you alone, are a threat to this country.

Maybe our problems won’t be solved by my generation.  Or yours.  But they will be solved.  I have the undying faith in our people.   I have faith in my children.   And their children.  In your children.   In the lessons that we are instilling in our children.  I believe in the ethics, loyalty, dedication and pledge to our country that we instill in our children.  I believe in our rights.

The world may see us as selfish, entitled and spoiled.   But what the world doesn’t see when they look at what the television shows them …is us.  You and me.    The world doesn’t see the daily sacrifice the individuals of this country make.  The world doesn’t see the young couple who lives in a cheaply rented apartment so they don’t incur their own debt.  So they can pay for the things their child needs while they do without.   They don’t see the elderly couple who lives on supermarket bargains so they can save their money and buy their medications or pay their electric bill without asking for help.   The world doesn’t see the small communities who come together to raise funds for a sick neighbor, an injured volunteer fireman, or clothing drive for people who lost everything in a storm.  The world doesn’t see the nickels and dimes and dollars that come out of our very small pockets to help pay for charity around the world, and in our own little worlds.   The world doesn’t see us, you and I.

Our Country is Great.   It was built on the lives of people willing to do things for others.  Willing to give of themselves until they had nothing else to give.   And when they had nothing left to give, there was always someone else willing to give back.

Our Country is Great because despite what the news stories report around the world, I don’t mind my neighbor being Jewish and my friend being Buddhist.  I, and most everyone I know, don’t care who you love, how you pray, whether you eat a bacon diet or a cucumber diet.   There is acceptance.  There is tolerance.  Along with these things there is misunderstanding.   There is hate, bigotry and phobias.   There are those who do not understand difference.  And there are those who accept that there are those who may not change.

And Our Country Is Great because for every intolerance, there is tolerance.   There are lessons being taught.  And more importantly, there are lessons being learned.

For every hate, there is a greater influence of love.

For every dime stolen, there are two dimes donated.

There are many components of our country that are not great.  But these do define us, they continually challenge us.  It’s only when you and I stop believing in,  and stop actively participating in,  the great things that are part of our country…it is only then, that this country will lost it’s Greatness.

Until then I believe in you.  And I believe in me.

And I believe Our Country’s Greatness lies in it’s dependency on us.



42 thoughts on “Our Once Great Country

  1. A building/country is only as strong as its’ foundation, and the people are the foundation. I believe we have one of the best countries/people in the world. I think part of the problem is 90% of the stuff we see on the news is negative. And this is what people around the world use to form their opinion of us.


  2. Wow, Colleen! You may have just tackled one of the most delicate subject matters, our country. It’s such a paradox isn’t it? On the one hand, this country is filled with corruption and every evil imaginable. On the other, there are those who are earnest and hard working, never willing to cut corners. Having said that, your post leaves me resonating with HOPE!


  3. I enjoyed reading this. A great reminder of what has made this country so great. Now days it is easy to become entangled in all of the negativity. Thanks for bringing things back into perspective.


  4. I am left speechless (rather wordless) at your eloquence. So wonderfully written without malice or hatred. What you expressed IS my hope, too…

    However, it is difficult to feel as positive as you having lived for nearly six decades and watched the gradual decline. We went from playing war as boys, a make-believe exercise to fight for our country, to it being politically incorrect to imagine fighting terrorists. From paying 29 cents a gallon of gasoline to almost $5; yet, we ship food stuffs like wheat for “humanitarian” reasons to the same countries that export illegal goods to our darker side in great quantities to rot our society from the inside.

    Even our president, in my humble opinion. When he bailed out Chrysler and GM, he bought a heckuva lot of votes… When he supports entitlements as his campaign song, he furthers the decline (again in my humble opinion). Yet, he cuts defense and ignores the “wounds” our young soldiers and Marines bring home. I feel strongly we are back to the 1930’s when America was caught with her pants down. We asked for it in a way.

    But this is just my feelings… my opinion. And while it is hoped our descendents can right the ship, it may just be too late. And we got to stop having lawyers define our country’s values. We don’t have enough law enforcement officers anyway to prevent consistent lawbreakers from doing their thing…

    Perhaps we do need Martians to invade our world to bring unity? I don’t know…and I certainly do not have an answer as many things accepted by the “majority” will need to be turned around and in a great degree.

    Just my two cents. Excellent thoughts, Chatter Master, regardless. But “hope” went out the door when Year 5 began… and I still bow to thee. 🙂


    • Such strong points Koji. Only one of them will I disagree with. I already see a younger, brave and strong generation coming in to the voting world. Sacrificing, by choice, so as not to be further burden on this, their, country. Your children are being taught what they can do for their country. My children are being taught this. I can’t become hopeless, because then what do I leave them? And your children? I know I don’t have the answers. And I don’t what to do other than what “I” can do. If all I have to offer my country is my willingness to work, share the burdens of my family, and not drain my community-it helps.

      So many things to address, for certain.

      We should start with the points you make.


      • Interesting point on our children once again.

        We try our best…but they spend so much of their day at school…and look up to their teachers (if they are good students!). The teachers exert a lot of influence as you can imagine…and the vast majority are liberals.

        It struck me this past election on how significant that influence is. While my little 4th grade girl has her own mind, it was clear her teacher was a very strong supporter of “the one who won”. You know what policies he advocates. She mentioned they took a hands up vote and nearly all of them, in reflection of their teacher’s thoughts, selected Obama.

        My little girl did…not. She said they sucked. lol


        • Oh your little one makes me laugh!

          Okay, I can’t argue about that! Students are very impressionable. But (flip side) don’t you think it’s wonderful that 4th graders are even being taught about this? My children grew up forming their own opinions about politics from having conversations with teachers and friends. I don’t remember even talking about politics, ever.

          And I think it would be fair to believe that most children do grow in to forming their own opinions. They hear so many, they process the different ideas and come up with their own. Who knows, maybe your little 4th grader will be part of our regrowth because she takes all that she hears and comes up with something more brilliant than what we have.

          Because you talk to her. And you let her form opinions. Wait until her next opinion isn’t like yours though. 😉 Those teenage years are fast approaching!


  5. I love this and would like to reblog if you don’t mind. I reblogged one of my own yesterday and have one planned for Thursday; however, this is an exceptional post and I may not be able to wait! Sorry I am behind in my reading!


  6. I believe bikebrown has a point, the media has never really been an ally to anyone except themselves and having money-making headlines. We need to go back and look at the big picture to get America on the right tract, or have we gotten too lazy to be bothered?


    • I hope we haven’t. I see too many people working too hard every day to believe we are lazy. I do believe many are overwhelmed. That’s not to say I don’t believe we have our share of “lazy” in this country. We do. Thank you for reading GPCox. The media needs to start focusing on better news stories. They make a statement by what they choose to expose through media decisions, those decision makers need to expose the hard work and the good people. Stop glorifying and giving advertisement of the crazy stuff.


  7. As a foreigner, I feel that the shift came when Kennedy asked that people think not what their country can do for them but what they can do for their country….he turned the notion of government on its head.

    No longer a social contract between governed and governing…but an assumption of power by government which has led to a rift between the two.

    No government which was expected to do good by the people would have allowed the sickness of the financial institutions to continue….to go to war to support the petrodollar….

    I think, hope, believe that there is a young generation of Americans coming up who will make their contributions to a healthy society.

    That was a superb article.


  8. Absolutely wonderful post Colleen! I believe everything you said. People are so quick to blame government for all our problems and debt but I see so much unnecessary taking from welfare and the use of the criminal system. It seems so logical that if everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing…working hard, being kind, helping others…what a better world this could be.


    • I think that is key. If we all did what we are capable of,there wouldn’t be the issues we have. I like the word you use, “logical”. Why is it logical, and common sense, no longer have a place in the management of our country?


  9. FANTASTIC, Well said, when I first saw the title I was tempted not to read…I was so afraid of another Oh we used to be so….We are and we have the potential to be. You wrote it so well and you give us hope!
    Reblogged on Tumblr


    • Why thank you MariaCatalinaegan!!! I knew the title would have that effect on some people….and I’m glad you saw past it to get my thoughts. I do believe in “us” and in that belief there is what you stated “potential”. Thank you so much.


  10. This is great, Colleen. You are patriotic. You see a clear path forward and want everyone to rub their eyes from sleepy sleepy, and see it too.



      • Colleen, we always blame our governments for our problems – and they have a big part in it, but not everything. Then we blame the society and think that is somebody else, but that is us!
        I think there are some issues in US – far too many filthy rich and far too many poor people. The health care … and how the damage/wounded returning soldiers are treated. Sometimes I think US poke their nose into things that they shouldn’t – but on the other hand everybody comes running to USA when they are in trouble.


  11. YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD TO BE YOUR SISTER! If you folks think she’s great “on paper,” you should have the great pleasure of meeting her, knowing her, and loving her! Write on, sister!


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