Can You Hear My Looks?

The value of some things given to us don’t have to be tangible.   They don’t have to have depth.  They don’t have to be believable.

Some days I have to work very hard to pull a positive thought out from amongst the visions and audio snippets that I am exposed to on a daily basis.

I work in protective services.  So we are inundated with calls reporting bad things happening to old people.  And I work next to those who get the same calls reporting bad things happening to young people, our children.

But sometimes, sometimes, the calls are full of laughter and pleasantries.   Thanks you’s.   Or offers of assistance.

Or like today, words that really don’t necessarily express the truth.  But they express something I value.

An older lady called today.   We were having a very nice conversation.   At one point she asks my age.  I tell her.  She exclaims!  Because her child is more than ten years older than I am.   She’s telling me about her husband’s singing and love of Jesus.   I am listening and responding in an upbeat manner.   Our conversation takes many turns, planned or not.

Suddenly she stopped mid-sentence and  says to me “have I ever met you?”

I said no.   We’ve spoken but I don’t recall us ever meeting.

“Well honey, you sure do sound like you’re  good looking.”

Part of me never wants to meet her so she can keep that illusion.  I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.

But she made me laugh.   The real laugh out loud laugh that has gone by the way side with life exclamations being shortened to abbreviated letters.

Whether the fact of her comment is proven real or not if she saw me,  or the that there is any depth to that comment, or even a real belief on her part, none of this matters…..

I value the real interaction I had with her.

And I choose to value that I sound good looking.