Ask And You (Or Me) Shall Receive

I caught myself telling someone needing help today that it never hurts to ask.  The worst that can happen when they ask someone something, is be told no.   And if they already anticipate that they may be told no, no harm done.   She said she and her husband didn’t want to ask for any help but acknowledged they sure needed it.   I told her that, technically, she didn’t ask me for anything but she was getting some help because someone else did ask.

I wondered about this for just long enough to get an idea.

I added to that little piece of wisdom the other oft repeated statement:  ‘the only stupid question is the question not asked’.

It occurred to me that I have not taken this advice to heart.   And decided to do so today.

I will ask for quite a few things.  And the worst thing that anyone can tell me is “no”.    Right?  Other than putting it out here for the world to see may also open me up to some ridicule and eye rolling.  Most of which, I will not see.  So again, why not ask?

1.  Would someone please pay off my house for me?

2.  Would someone please pay off the houses of ten other people of my choosing for me?  If someone is willing to pay off mine and ten others of my choosing would someone else be willing to pay off another ten people’s houses of my choosing?

3.  Would the twenty people I just asked to have your houses paid off be willing to help someone else with something that you wouldn’t have had money to help with before someone paid off your house?

4.  Would someone please be my chef and cook low fat, extremely healthy and extremely delicious meals for me and Husband?  (He doesn’t have to eat them, but it would be nice to include him and give him the choice.)

5.  Would someone buy me a Surly Pugsley fat bike, single speed, flat black and awesome?

6.  Would someone be willing to pay for me to travel to:  Japan (first), Ireland (a couple of times), Greece, Sweden, Australia, Idaho, Canada, Egypt and the couple of hundred other places I would like to travel to and meet people?

7.  Would someone also be my tour guide for all of the above listed excursions?

8.  Would someone build a patio that fills my entire back yard, rebuild my garage and include a second story in it, add a bike barn, and make sure it matches my red and black house?

9.  Would someone please instill musical skill, talent and ability in to me?

10.  Would someone build me a replica of Grace O’Malley’s castle so I can live in it and pretend to be all royal and bad ass?

If no one answers yes to the above I do have some other questions that might seem less about me, less demanding and a little more useful to others.

1.  Would someone please find cures for:  cancer, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, and some other debilitating diseases that I can’t think of the names of right now but I don’t want to leave out?

2.  Could someone please reinstate common sense in to all governments world wide?

3.  Could someone please make sure we are tolerant, kind and compassionate to others?

4.  Could someone please make sure that if people have to hate, they keep the hate within their own thoughts where they are entitled to it and not act on it towards others- inflicting harm and pain, which they don’t have a right to?

5.  Could we learn that our differences are what makes us so interesting to one another and remove the misconception that “different” means “wrong”?

6.  I know it’s been wished for and prayed for but in case anyone didn’t come right out and ask can we please have world peace?

7.  Can we please be the true heroes in our children’s, and other children’s, lives?

8.  Instead of “World War…”  Can we have “World Wide” respect, love, concern, cooperation.

9.  Speaking of “World Wide” can we have a world wide “Celebrate Our Anniversary Of Peace Day” where everyone eats ice cream at the same time?  (Or cake.  Or Liver.  Whatever it is someone wants.   Let’s not assume the entire world eats ice cream.  Some are lactose intolerant.)

10. Would anyone be willing to encourage someone else to follow their dream or attempt something they never thought they could do but always wanted to?

These aren’t ‘wishes’.  These are questions.  I hope the answers to some of them are yes.  I expect no’s, so I won’t be disappointed.   But if there is a chance that there may a “yes” or two I would be fully disappointed in myself for not asking.

I hope you have questions.