Steve and Elizabeth

Steve made a decision to leave Inishmore/Inis Mor`/Inishmor.  We don’t know why he left.    We can have discourse on the many different possibilities that led to his decision to leave.   Was he hungry?  Was he tired of the grey stone?  Did he wonder what was out there and who he might meet and discover?   Was he full of curiosity or empty of desire for where he was?

Why did he leave?

We don’t know.

But he did.

Elizabeth left Ireland.   Was it her decision?  Was she alone or with family?  At a time when women didn’t always have the freedom to do what they want did she do what she wanted or what someone wanted of her?  Was she part of the decision or given no choice?  Did she find it exciting or was she scared witless, or a little of both.

Why did she leave?

We don’t know.

But she did.

A decision was made and Steve left Ireland.  A decision was made and Elizabeth left Ireland.

And a world was created.

They met in the United States of America.

And they wed.

Steve and Elizabeth Say "I Do"

Steve and Elizabeth Say “I Do”

Steve and Elizabeth had one child that survived.  There was one more child that we know of.  What happened to him?  Or was it a ‘her’?   What happened to their world when they lost that little one.   And how did it change their parenting when they had only one child survive them?   What decisions were altered because they only had one child?  Could they not have any more?  Did they fear losing another child?

But they had one child.

And one child brought us all here.



Their son.  Our father.  Our Grandfather.  Our Great Grandfather.  Our Great Great Grandfather.  He will go on to be Great to many many more.

All because one man made a decision to leave Ireland.

One woman made a decision to leave Ireland.

America brought them together.

And here we are.

What they left behind, how is it different?   Were hearts aching or breaking at their departure?  How did they say goodbye?  How did they impact what and who they left?  How did they impact what and who they joined?  What course of history did they alter, change, create?