As Long As I Want

I figure as long as I want to learn and discover new things I won’t grow old.

I mean, who grows old when you have the clean slate of not knowing something, and you go after it with gusto and passion to fill that blank slate  with knowledge and experience.    And then, you pick up a clean slate to start anew.


It’s my logic and it works for me.

I saw a video the other day.  A 97 year old woman was training to break the world record for running the 100 meter dash.


To break a record.

A track record.

Running, at 97.

And why the hell not I say!

The age group for her attempt was 95 and older.   Which means others, age 95 and up, had also trained for and ran the 100 meter dash.   By the way, the 97 year old did break the record.  Which, again, means others had run it to set the record.   I love her.  I love them.

How can you be old if you want to try something that you haven’t tried?  Or you have a goal you have not yet achieved, and you still work towards it.  It’s only the young who don’t know something or haven’t had all of their dreams tested and desires lived out.     Once you are old you are full of wisdom and experience.   So if you aren’t yet full up of experience, and you know that there are things to try, you can’t be old.   As long as there are empty slates to fill, and passions being pursued, you are ageless.

Do you see my logic here?

If you don’t see my logic than this could also imply that I have not yet learned the meaning and application of logical thinking.   Again, an indicator that I am not fully wise yet and have more things to learn.

How can one be old when they have desire to do?  And they actively pursue it?  I know plenty of young persons who “wish” and “want” but don’t pursue.  Are they truly young?

And then we have 97 year olds tearing up the track in pursuit of world records.  Can she be called ‘old’?

As long as I want I shall be young enough to learn.   I don’t want to be the wise old woman.  I don’t think I ever want to know everything.  Then I would be old.   And bored.

And now I have to start training.   In fifty years I have a race to run.  I will beat that record!!!!