Left Over Parts

Many years ago my parents were producing babies.

Lots of babies.

But one of them had to be the last.

That would be my little sister.

The things she has been blessed with:

Seven older siblings.

Being the gopher for seven older siblings.

Being the cutest.

Being the most loved.

Being told she was made up of all of the left over parts.

Having your parents fight over what your name really is, at the alter, during your baptism.

Getting rides to kindergarten on motorcycles by cool older brothers.

Having parents already broken in by seven older siblings.

Being told “IT’S THE BOOGEY MAN” just so she would hug you.

Getting to stay at older sister’s house and pretend like the baby was her real life doll that she dress up as Bruce Springsteen, Lumber Jack, etc…

Having older siblings who fought over who had to got to watch her.    I always lost won.

Never really having to fight with the older siblings because she was too small and too darn cute.

Getting more hugs and love than any of the rest of us because all of those left over parts made up for one cute baby.   (When you get the last nose there’s only enough to make a little button nose.)

Always getting her way with dad because “wrapped” and “little finger” were invented by her.

Did I mention that having seven older siblings is a blessing?  No, really, it is.   Especially when you are a teenager going through a bit of rebellion.  Having older siblings yell at you in stereo IS a blessing.

The things we were blessed with: