A New Purpose

The other day in  discussion my cousin said he does not like to ‘waste words’.

I told him not to worry,  I waste enough for the both of us.

I use to worry about writing poorly.   So now it seems to work well, if I write something unclever, uninteresting, unthoughtprovoking and totally full of errors and I am wasting words…..    Or tossing out air-posts…..

It now serves a purpose.

And I have his back covered.

If anyone else does not care to waste words, I will have your back as well.

I find great joy in finding new purposes for my writing.


(I should note that his comment was not referencing my blog.   For real.    Just in case any of you wondered.)

18 thoughts on “A New Purpose

  1. The waste of one is the valuable component of another.
    Not that I’m saying that your words are waste. What I’m saying is keep on word wasting, it’s valuable to many. Thanks for bundling them with love 🙂


  2. I cannot stop giggling at this post …

    But I can type and giggle at the same time…

    And asks … if anyone does have words to waste … can I please have them? I run out sometimes and I figure if I gather a bunch I might somehow be able to string together something of worth…

    And if I have left over wasted words after, I promise to put it in the word recyle bin.


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