Because I’m Evolving I Met Steve The Harper

Not so long ago our entertainment was self created and interactive with our world.  Now we can find entertainment on our televisions, radios, computers, even our telephones.  We buy more and more items to make sure we have less and less human contact.  Today we don’t have to meet another’s eye.  We don’t have to talk to anyone.  We can sit down, tune out to people and society, and tune in to non-human involved entertainment.


How well have we evolved if our evolving cuts down or eliminates our human interaction?

Why do we want to do this?

I’m as guilty of this as anyone.  My regular life after raising kids evolved in to waking up, working out, going to work, come home, work out again, write, scan the computer, watch a little bit of TV.  Go to bed.  Start over tomorrow.

To what end?

What am I trying to live healthier and longer for?  To work and workout some more?

Enter in to my life:  personal evolving.

I still like routine.  I still find comfort in the sameness.  I will never “lose” this.

But I don’t want my life to further evolve and result in more time without ….. life.

Historically people in cultures world round would gather and entertain themselves.  Every culture that I have limited knowledge of has done this.   People.  Together.   Singing.  Dancing.  Playing music.  Praying.  Reciting.   Acting.  Bards telling stories.   Gossiping.

These things still exist.  Though they are not the foundation of our entertainment any more.   We don’t gather to play and entertain any more.

I’m making a concerted effort to be an actual part of life.  Dinner with friends.  I start guitar lessons this Saturday.  I look for things to do and places to visit.

Tonight I stepped back in time a little.  Back in to Old Ireland.  A local pub has live music every Sunday.   The plan?  If you play, and want to play with others, show up.  The schedule?  If you like the tune, play along.  If you need a break, you stop playing while the others who gathered continue, you take a sip of a pint.  Or catch a chat with the musician next to you.   It’s a perfect set up for everyone.  Where those who can play music gather to play and those who can’t gather to listen.  To tap their feet.

When we left a man was walking by us.  He was carrying a harp case.  I had watched him when he walked in the pub, set up his harp and place his case behind the entrance to the pub.   I love the harp.  The first and only time I heard it live was in Ireland.  And tonight there were two harpists.  I thanked him for playing tonight.  And what happened?

We met Steve The Harper.

Steve The Harper

Steve The Harper

We learned he started to play the harp when he was forty.  Forty.  I love Steve The Harper!

We learned about his mom.  He learned about us.  One of us is first generation American.  One of us wants to play the guitar.  One of us wants to go to Ireland with her mom and her children.  We asked questios.  He asked questions.  We met a new friend who shared his life passion with us.  He shared his passion for life with us.

Not so long ago I wouldn’t have gone out of the house on a Sunday night, a work night, to find entertainment.  I would have finished my workout.  Turned on the computer.  Do computer stuff.  But I wouldn’t have met Steve The Harper.

And I wouldn’t now be looking in to how to play the harp.

It’s close to a guitar.  Right?

No matter.  It’s me evolving in to living.