Then He Was Gone

As is my healthy, considerate and appropriate habit I was washing my hands before leaving the bathroom at work.   There are four sinks.  And a very long mirror facing those standing at the sinks washing their hands.

I don’t know how many thousands of times I have stood in front of those mirrors and paid no attention to the reflection looking back at me.  For all I know there may be hundreds of times when there was no reflection…..  but I wasn’t paying attention so I couldn’t say for sure whether there was always a reflection or not.

You know how it is.  Your mind wonders.  You’re sure the phone call you’ve been waiting for, for over an hour, is coming in while you run to the bathroom.   Or you walk in and are awash in smoke from an illegally snuck cigarette in the bathroom.  Or you’ve seen yourself so many times you don’t even notice when you do see yourself in the mirror.

The point is….

Today I didn’t see myself.

I’m just scrubbing my hands in the foamy soap and putting them under water when I glance up and see my dad looking back at me.


I stood up from the sink I was bent over to wash my hands.  For a nano-flash my hands just hung and I stood shocked.

He was there.


Then he’s gone.


Just me.                                                                                                                                             And dad.

Image - CopyHis Face

I’m pretty sure it was just me.   With a little bit of dad.   I’m glad he stopped by for a visit from heaven.  It made me smile.  There were probably more appropriate places to visit.  But  Dad always liked a good prank.   Well done dad.