What’s So Great About Him


The best thing about a good partner?

Is that you don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly loved and accepted.

Thank the good Lord!

I can laugh at something that he does not find funny or humorous at all.  But it makes him smile to hear me laugh.

I can get mad at him for piling up fifteen loads of laundry to be folded.   Or wonder out loud why all of the clothes are dirty and he just smiles and wonders which is it he should do….the laundry, or not.

I can take twenty minutes to tell him a story because I walk away to get something, walk back that way to put something away, answer the text that keeps interrupting us, or just restart the story because I don’t like the way I’m telling it.  And he just waits.

I can tell him we need to be more cautious about our spending, two days later mention something I wish I had, and in a day or two he hands me the surprise he got me.

I can be lounging on the couch/recliner/floor and say “I wish I had a smoothie….” and  one magically appears.

I can be totally irrational.  And he acts like he does not mind.

I can be totally spontaneous about a new adventure and he replies “count me in”.

I can sing loud and off key and he pretends to not notice, or not hear me.

I can be very quiet and reserved and he respects it.

I can be loud and rambunctious and he tolerates it impressively well.

I can be what ever I am.

And it’s all he wants me to be.

That’s what’s so great about him.