Get Back In The Truck Buddy

I was heading down Main Street, USA today.

Ahead of me a light was red, but turned green as I approached.  On the other side of the red light, facing me, was traffic already stopped.  One green truck in the front of the line.  With driver side door open.   Man walking to the back of the truck.  I thought something was wrong.

There was.

He approached a white car behind him.   I thought maybe there had been a fender bender.

There had not.

I don’t know what happened.

What I saw was two people in the white car with their windows rolled up.   They looked to be in their fifties.   They did not roll down the window  as the man approached.  There was a line of traffic next to them who could not make a left hand turn until I went through.  Many eyes were watching.

I wasn’t going very fast due to the speed limit and the recently turned light.  As I approached the man, probably in his fifties or sixties, he was pointing at the driver’s side door window.  He might have actually been hitting it with his jabbing finger.  By appearances, he was acting quite aggressive.   He turned back to face my direction to get in his truck because the light had changed.

He glanced at me.  Spit on the ground and kept moving to his truck.

I’m not a mind reader but I know a look of disgust or hate when I see one. And he had both.

As many a passenger of mine could tell you, I am not an angel when it comes to being aggravated by other drivers.   I’ve cussed under my breath.  I’ve cussed out loud.  I’ve rolled my eyes.   But I generally try to keep my appearances to other drivers neutral.   Because you do not know when the other driver who has aggravated you, has a gun, or a license to be an idiot.  Those folks will ram you with their cars or follow you to where ever you park to take out their rage on you.  And on the occasion that I have been the idiot driver (purely by accident never on purpose) I don’t want someone obviously cussing me out.   What if I’m the crazy person?

My questions are….

When, as a society, did we allow it to be acceptable behavior to take out our anger and aggressions on others?  I accept and agree that we have a right to our feelings, attitudes and behaviors.   But we do not have a right to inflict them on others.  Your anger is not an excuse to scare, belittle or terrorize others.   Control yourself buddy, sit in the truck and just simmer.   Count to ten.  Roll your eyes.  Cuss out loud…in your truck.

And when did life get so insanely out of control that we don’t have the patience to get to where we are going without thinking everyone else had damn well better honor our royal butts as we travel to where we are going?

For all I know the people in the white car were idiot driver’s themselves.   I have no idea.  Every car that was facing me as I approached was at a stand still due to the light.   No one could have been moving for a manner of many seconds.  How long is a light red?  What did they do that he didn’t even get out of the truck until it almost turned green again?

As I passed the man and turned off of Main Street USA I just wanted to roll my own window down and yell “GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE TRUCK BUDDY!”

But I thought he might be one of those crazy drivers.

26 thoughts on “Get Back In The Truck Buddy

  1. One of my pet peeves! Being in a car seems to give people a certain amount of power, or protection. What people need to remember is a vehicle is another dangerous tool and can harm others. Society seems so stressed out lately and so quick to react negatively. Not sure what was so important that made the man had to leave his truck in the middle of the street, but sounds as if he embarrassed himself more than anything else. Great post!


    • Thanks Marsha. That’s what I thought too. When people act like that, I am sure there are some who have just snapped their last nerve of restraint for some reason or other. But what if the people in the car were as ‘crazy’ or ‘irritable’ as he was? The bad things that happen because we are losing our self control…. And why, exactly, are we IN such a hurry?


      • I wish I knew the answer to that all important question…why are we in such a hurry? And, why are people fuses so short…especially these days!?! I agree…if the other people acted the same than it could have caused quite the scene! It’s scary these days…you never know how people are going to behave. Even when driving people make mistakes. I didn’t see a car the other day in my blind spot and I almost hit it. Fortunately, I turned my head (which isn’t easy for me all the time) and saw it just in time. However, the driver freaked when he THOUGHT I was coming over. He blew the horn, waved his hand and finger 🙂 and you would have thought I HAD hit him. I made a ‘I’m sorry’ gesture’, but I guess it wasn’t good enough. Too bad he didn’t know I was a spinal cord injury patient and I genuinely was sorry — if so, he may have responded differently. Instead, he began speeding up quickly and tailgating as to taunt me. I pulled over as soon as I was able. However, it was obnoxious. After all, all I did was almost make a mistake. Sorry to ramble, I just wanted to share my experience. Again, great post!


        • We all have those moments. I have a slight limitation on the turn of my head as well. I’m always worried it will be just that much that will make me take a “wrong” move.

          I try to be understanding of others when they do the same thing. That’s not to say I don’t do my own cussing. But I don’t do it to escalate the other driver. That is a risk I’m not willing to take. I do it to release my own fear and adrenaline of the near hit. And to get my anger out. But yeah….I don’t want to be the last straw on someone’s already frayed nerves, on the wrong day.

          Thanks for sharing.


  2. Him getting out of his truck and walking back to the car behind him is a great indicator that he is one of the crazy drivers. 🙂 I had an incident just a few weeks ago that tested my patience as a car drove alongside of me and yelled at me through their passenger window into my driver’s window. The sad part was the driver was yelling past a young girl in her teens that you could tell was extremely uncomfortable. The look on her face helped me decide to just bite my tongue, roll up my window and just continue on to where I was going hoping she wasn’t crazy enough to follow me and keep on her tirade. You did well to drive on. It’s just not worth it.


    • I figured if he was nasty enough to get out and confront a trapped motorist he might follow me! I wonder what it is that is making people snap like this? It’s so scary. I am sure that young girl was very appreciative of you that day.


  3. Oh Colleen – you don’t know when the other driver has a gun? That’s such a weird line to me!! It just would NOT BE NORMAL, it would be HIGHLY UNUSUAL if people drove about with a gun in their cab. This bit sort of jarred me.

    I’m teaching Daniel to drive, as you know, and it is UTTERLY AMAZING how often people wander across lanes without indicating, and even straddle lanes – which soooo pisses ME off! So I’m trying to educate him about idiot drivers (and bearing in mind I most surely have been on some days for whatever reason) but also tell him never to waste his time in verbal or personal confrontation. There are greater wars to overcome in our daily lives.

    But I agree with you: when DID it become ok to let your aggressions out unduly like this? When…


    • Guns are a big thing here N’n. And it is not just a “gun”. But there is an increase in road rage here, and stupid actions. There was a pretty highly reported story a few years back where a man, so irate at a traffic incident took a woman’s loved pet dog out of her car and threw him/her in to oncoming traffic. That poor dog was killed, in front of her. It was horrible. People truly do stupid stupid things.

      And those people in the car that that man approached, were pretty much trapped. Unless they got out of their car to meet his confrontation.



  4. My sister has road rage but she never gets out of the car to pursue people.I always tell her that she is wasting her breath because they can’t hear her.I get afraid she is going to get mad at the wrong bad driver someday and I tell her that.Now I am going to make her read this so she knows what she could turn into.Thanks Colleen


    • That’s what scares me LexiesNana, there is SO much anger at the silliest of things. I don’t remember driving with my parents and having the cussing and carrying on. There seemed to have been more civility then there is now. NOt that I don’t see it, I do. I worry Husband is going to raise his hand in that fast growing symbol of “you’re an idiot” gesture at someone and that someone is going to become even MORE infuriated.

      You’re welcome. And I do believe, in most instances, when we make a ‘stupid’ move as a driver we are yelling “I’m SORRY!” but again, the other driver can’t hear us. 🙂 I’ve done that as well! Because I really am.


  5. Good thing you didn’t roll your window down. Sadly you have to take care of yourself and the best approach to anything that looks like an escalation is to phone 911. The boundaries of civility in society, upon which our civil laws are based (goes back to common law in England) are exactly the theme of what you are writing about here, a very important and sad commentary. It’s so sad for me Colleen because I see its escalation in Connecticut, in movie theater shootings, and God knows where else, the lack of impulse control couple with hatred and anger makes for a lethal combo. And, the horrors that line my memory of so many years in the ER with people like these landing there, not all with happy endings. I’m glad you wrote this post. Maybe someone will read it and it will make a difference. Let’s hope so. Thank you, friend. Have a good Sunday. Paulette


    • The escalation does, indeed, scare me Paulette. We read of these stories daily it seems. I went to work the other day and my friend said she would be surprised to open the daily newspaper and NOT read about a shooting in the city. How did we get to this point? Thanks for the feedback. Here’s to a peaceful evening for us all Paulette.


  6. People tend to use their cars to gain power that they don’t have in their life. I however do believe in letting drivers know when their actions are not acceptable. In school you have to let the student know when they make a mistake or they will continue to make it. I do try to use restraint in reminding them.


    • You know how I feel, I don’t agree with letting someone know they have made a mistake when they are behind the wheel of a multi ton vehicle and are already demonstrating unwise decision making or, in some cases, downright idiocy.


  7. So, my Queen… What spurred you to write about your driving experience this time? I hope it wasn’t due to any recent post… 😉

    But you are right about road rage. Here in SoCal, death from road rage occurred all too frequently. Unbelievably, they occurred not during rush hour but when roads were relatively open.


  8. Ahhh, this is such a sad post to read I admit. And I am sure I am one of those idiot drivers (unwittingly).

    I wish … *sighs* … sometimes some things are just sad… from both ends…the yeller…and the yellee….


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