Where Will I Take You….

If you follow me…

Does that make me a leader?

Or a mama duck?

Or a cult?

Or John Denver?

Or Uncle Kracker?

Or are you expecting Whoopi in a habit?

If you follow me where do you hope I will take you?

Funny thing is, when someone says they are following me, I look behind me and no one is there.

I think you guys are messing with me.





30 thoughts on “Where Will I Take You….

    • Well that would make me quite the imaginative person to be able to think all of you up! So if you are real, I am quite thrilled. If you are all figments of my imagination, I am pleased with who I created! πŸ™‚


    • You and someone else said something about him. Maybe I ought to know more about him???? He just has the song “Follow Me” which is why he and the others were mentioned. Perhaps there are things about him I do not know….I know this to be true because I know nothing!


  1. If I was following you in the shadows…would that be creepy?

    *slinks from corner to corner*….*slips in a comment now and again*….*I am a shadow…I am ninja*

    I am also overly tired lol


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