If I Could…..

If I could move the world to tears with my words I would do it.  I think if the world cried together we would share that commonality of emotional depth.    And we would share an understanding that provoked such feeling.

If I could move the world to laughter with my words I would do it.  I think if the world laughed together we would share a joy of no one being laughed at.

If I could form my words in to the one combination that would make all people believers in civility, respect, tolerance, and acceptance I would do it.  So that we would share all of the colors of our differences.  And be thrilled with them.  Not threatened by them.

If could use my words to give comfort to those suffering loss and heartache I would do it.   What better way to spend one’s abilities then to bring comfort to the pained.

If I could use my words to point out our ignorances and lack of good judgment I would do it.   And make sure to read them myself because I put my ignorance to use and my good judgement aside, often.

If I could use my words to….

I would.

Where words fail.

I should use action.

62 thoughts on “If I Could…..

  1. Your words are amazing, and I admire how you strive for more. I’m sure you act as well – as everyone else here as said, your writing is wonderful the way it is and we all want to read more!


    • Oh Thomas, thank you so much. I would like to believe that we can unite more of us through words. Heaven knows enough words have been uttered to cause hate and division. Words are so powerful. I ‘wish’ I knew the magic formula of putting them together for peace.


  2. Colleen, this is me back … in full power – this is serious thoughts – I don’t know if I totally agree with you .. even if I truly understand what you’re coming from .. personal I think that it’s more important that we laugh together, but I also want to point out hat we have equal right to our tears as we have to our laughter. Also I think we are able to change the world – with words, but we have to combine it with action .. because only words will not change on it’s own. There is fare too many spoken and written words, but very little action out there.


    • Welcome back Viveka!

      I do like the idea of the world laughing together, joyfully, at a shared happiness.

      The tears, we are certainly all entitled to as well. On our own. But if there was something common, world wide, that prompted an emotional tear, it would give us that bond.

      I don’t mean to imply that I would want to control anyone’s emotions, happy or sad. But that if we shared some common moments of depth, it would give us a better understanding of one another. That no matter our differences, we have some common traits in our humanity.



      • You’re so right in what you are saying – tears and laughter is something we all have in common.
        My illness taught me that humor and laughter is the best medicine there is – it may not cure us, but it makes life livable when it’s tough and rough.
        Somebody has said that if we meet somebody without a smile we should give them ours – and I think it’s impossible to hate somebody that we are having a good time with or laugh together with.
        Colleen, I understand where you’re coming from – but I still think that a world of laughter – is more important than the tears. We need the right balance of them both. Love your thoughts. Great to be back.


  3. I think this is the first post I’ve ever read that gave me chills, like when listening to Streisand or Jennifer Hudson. You’ve an amazing heart and mind filled with wisdom and insight and a beautiful soul that creates ripples out into life impacting on others. I mean this most sincerely for in you I see a soul sister, a human being that to me represents the best of the human condition, not perfect, not excellent, not above anyone else, but with such a magnificent heart that wants to do good in the world, and does. You just did. Your friend, Paulette


  4. You always make me laugh but even more importantly….you make me THINK! You’ve made me do some soul searching and think about things in ways I never had seen them before. You are truly doing a service for people all over the world by sharing your wonderful thoughts and wisdom!


    • MotherHoodIsAnArt…you, along with the others, are way too kind. Thank you much for reading. And thinking with such kindness about me. 🙂 To think, that I might say something of import, to others….it’s a pretty powerful thought. To much thinking in that one line. But I think you get me. 🙂


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