The V.I.P. Motel

There used to be a crapola of a little motel in the town I used to live in.  It was called the VIP.   This is the truth.

It still exists but under a different name.

I always knew V.I.P. stood for “Very Important Person”.  Even as a child I knew that.  And I always wondered who would have their V.I.P.s stay at the VIP.

I remember having to stay there once as an adult.  Husband and I lived in a one bathroom home.  We were remodeling the bathroom and unfortunately could not get the essential pieces needed re-installed to prevent dire steps needing to be taken.  Those steps being:

1.  Farm out the kids to others.

2.   Husband and I stay at the VIP.

I was scared to death.  Never took my socks off.  Wore sandals in the shower.  And took my own blanket to wrap up in.   Took the bedspread off of the bed and put it over the scary looking furniture in the corner.

So whenever I hear the term “V.I.P.” I think of the VIP.

Interestingly enough if I had to use the VIP to store my V.I.P.s it wouldn’t be large enough.   I can’t single out only one V.I.P.  The meaning of V.I.P. has changed during my life time to Very Important People.  Of which I have an abundance, yet not one too many.

I have a Husband V.I.P.

I have children V.I.P.s

I have great children V.I.P.s

I have a Mom V.I.P.

I have sibling V.I.P.s

I have friend V.I.P.s

I have coworker V.I.P.s

I have neighbor V.I.P.s

Oh how lucky for you, I mean me, that my list goes on.

And what would I do without my V.I.P.?

How would my life be different?

Well, without Husband, Children, Great Children, Mom, Siblings, Friends, CoWorkers, and neighbors I would be…

Living in my house alone.

Living my life alone.

No one to sing poorly to or with.

No one to hug and kiss.

No one who makes my life complete just by saying “Mamo”.

No one to make me Cowboy Stew.

No one to fight with over stupid things that don’t matter.

No one to complain to about stupid things my siblings do.

No one to eat cookies with and dress up as Pirate Queen’s and warriors with.

No one to share the load at work.

No one to sit on the porch with and watch the traffic go by while we talk about the dances they used to attend, the life of raising our children, or the way things used to be.

There would be no life as I know it without my V.I.P.s.

Without my V.I.P.s  and no one to fill the VIP Motel….

Me and the Motel would both be out of business.

Daily Prompt Response

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

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