Fickle Wanters

I never know, exactly what it is, that I want.

When I’m hot I want the air conditioning on, feeling the need to be cooler.

So why it is when I am cold, I want the heat on to be warmer.

It is never “just so”.

When I eat sweet I want salt.  When I eat salt I want sweet.

The other day I was telling Husband of a concern or two I have about him.   When he sleeps he puffs out loud puff balls of air.  Or snores loudly.  Both of these snoring techniques I put in one category:  annoying.   OR.   He is in such a deep sleep that I have woken on numerous occasions to think with horror, and quite with seriousness, that he was dead.  One night I was nearly in tears because his skin was cold and his chest was not moving.

I had to shake him to make sure he was still alive.

He was alive.

I could have slapped him.

When I pointed these issues out to him he said “so no matter what I do I cannot please you”.   Well, fine, if that’s how you want to take it and it’s the only thing you get out of that.

He totally missed the point.

I was concerned.

was concerned.

I was concerned.

Whichever form of emphasis is more believable, please accept.

The point is when he snores loudly or puffs air balls all night I long I want him to breathe normally and with rhythm.  Or.  When he is so soundly asleep that his body apparently doesn’t need air nor does his skin need warmth, again, I want him to breathe normally and with rhythm.

There are days when I so badly want to go on a bike ride.  Or go for a run.  But I don’t want to go to the trouble of getting ready to go work out.

I want to lose weight but I eat Giant Kit Kat bars.

I don’t want to get old.  But I don’t want to die.

There seems to be, as Husband points out, no pleasing me.

There is more to this than that.

I just haven’t figured it out yet.

32 thoughts on “Fickle Wanters

  1. Welcome to what it is to be human. Think everyone who is honest will admit to living the dichotomy in varying degrees. BTW, snoring and no breathing can be an indication of sleep apnea. You might just have a right to be concerned. My puny little 2.5 cents for what it’s worth.


  2. I believe it’s a case of…’having your cake and eating it too!’ Regarding the snoring…having husband do a sleep test and get a sleep machine if needed may be the best advice ~ it probably is the best investment for many marriages (mine included)! 🙂 Great, honest post…enjoyed it!


  3. Ahh, when I had my brother visit he snored something awful. And I could hear him through 2 closed doors! So I can see that particular fickleness…. you want to both kill them and love them at the same time!


  4. If Husband sleeps as you describe, I seriously urge him to get a sleep study. I have moderate to heavy sleep apnea and yes, earthquake producing snoring… but my breathing would stop during the night many, many times (I forget the number). Yes, a CPAP mask is an annoying fact but it did appear to help. I no longer have nightmares waking me up at night of being unable to breath (like being in a plastic bag)…


  5. I’ve got ear-plugs for my hubby’s snoring. Works like a dream! Don’t worry, Colleen, we’re all the same. We’re always wanting something else…I could copy and paste this article and most of it will describe me!


  6. Snoring is part of the package I think…but I would go for the advice everyone before me has given…just to settle any questions you might have. And if there is no problem, well, there’s always ear plugs 🙂



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