Motivational Speaker In My Head

If you were sitting right here next to me you would not be aware of all the attempts I am making at trying to talk myself in to…

Getting up off of the couch-

To run on the treadmill-

So I have energy to make it through until bedtime-

So bedtime is not at 6:02 p.m.-

So I will make Mamo bars-

And bake some chicken for my lunches for the rest of the week-

And make a pot of soup for some dinners this week-

Then while the soup cooks I can practice guitar-

So I don’t look like a total dweeb to my super hot guitar teacher or embarrass my friend who is taking lessons with me-

And then I could Skype with some kids-

Or write a decent blog-


If you were sitting right here next to me.

You would not be able to hear all of that talking going on in my head.

I think the Motivational Speaker inside of my head is broken.


Now I have no reason to do all of that.