Motivational Speaker In My Head

If you were sitting right here next to me you would not be aware of all the attempts I am making at trying to talk myself in to…

Getting up off of the couch-

To run on the treadmill-

So I have energy to make it through until bedtime-

So bedtime is not at 6:02 p.m.-

So I will make Mamo bars-

And bake some chicken for my lunches for the rest of the week-

And make a pot of soup for some dinners this week-

Then while the soup cooks I can practice guitar-

So I don’t look like a total dweeb to my super hot guitar teacher or embarrass my friend who is taking lessons with me-

And then I could Skype with some kids-

Or write a decent blog-


If you were sitting right here next to me.

You would not be able to hear all of that talking going on in my head.

I think the Motivational Speaker inside of my head is broken.


Now I have no reason to do all of that.

43 thoughts on “Motivational Speaker In My Head

    • These Motivational SPeakers are fantastic. And they sure know how to use guilt to motivate! I did run on the treadmill, practice the guitar and made the soup! The other stuff will have to wait until tomorrow…. 😉


  1. My motivational speaker keeps calling in sick! I need Spring to come very soon! You know what I am totally wondering about now….Mamo bars! I have never heard of them and for some reason they sound enticing….I’m off to google them now! I better not find out they are healthy and made out of vegetables!


    • Well, Mamo Bars is an adaptation of a recipe I found in a health magazine years ago.

      Very few ingredients: cacao powder, peanut butter, honey, craisins (flax seed, raisins, chocolate chips, whatever you want or don’t want to put in). I figure they are better than buying all of those expensive snack bars. Though I guess I could grind up some carrots and such to put in! 😉


        • Everything is “1 CUP”. But I double it and put the mixture in a cake pan. Cool it. Then cut it.

          1 cup honey
          1 cup peanut butter
          1 cup cacao powder
          1 cup of other stuff to add (craisins, rasisins, whatever you like)

          Bring honey to a boil. Add peanut butter. Stir until smooth and creamy. Turn off heat and quickly add cacao powder. Stir it in, mixing in other ingredients at the same time is easier.

          It gets VERY stiff.

          Make sure the pan is sprayed. Add the mixture. Smooth it out. Let cool.

          When it is cool I always flip on to a cutting board. Wipe off the spray with a paper towel. Then cut in to little chunks.

          Easy peasy! 🙂


  2. Would you know, I just copied that recipe and put a note on my desktop so my M Speaker will remind me to do it tomorrow…

    I’m totally enjoying your blog…I really should have “wandered” about much sooner 🙂


    • 🙂 Well do carry on, and wander about as much as you like. Warning, some of the posts are not wander worthy. 😉

      Let me know if you like the recipe. It’s a hit and miss with the kids around here. I think it’s an acquired taste.


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