Dear Old Me,

Hey Old Me,

I don’t know at exactly what point you have to be reading this for me to consider you, myself, old.

Definitely older than what I am right now.

I just wanted to point out a few things to you in case you have misplaced them in your memory.

First, about all of those body parts I broke?   Yeah.  Well, I’m really sorry about that.  The breaking of them, that is.  Not the living part that happened to be going on when those parts get broken.  But if they haven’t found a great cure or fix-all for the arthritis that is heading you off at the pass…. I’m sorry for any pain I’ve caused you in the future.   When, and if (I’m going to stay optimistic it will by-pass you) it gets you I hope you can remember all of the fantastic things you were doing when those things happened.   Running, biking, martial arts, and general life playing.  I hope to find you, myself, still playing at whatever age it is you deem it proper to be reading this.  Play kept you young.  Keep it up!  Please.  For both of us.

Second, I have to apologize to you for all of those missed opportunities.  You know the ones I’m talking about.   All those nights you went home and sat down to not get back up.  The nights you sat and wrote all of those blogs.  Grant it, you set the blogging world on fire and are now considered one of the pioneers…. Ha!  I know you chuckled at this.  I did, writing it.   But, well, there were other things you could have been doing too.  I mean, I could have been doing.   More classes.   I always wanted to be smarter.  Wouldn’t have hurt to take an extra class here and there.  More activities.  Grant it, as stated above, I broke some things.  But if I hadn’t done what I did, I don’t think I’d of lived long enough to get to the point of life where I’m sitting here now, writing to you there, then.

In spite of the things I wanted to apologize to you for I wanted to point out a couple of things.   As I sit here now, feeling puffy and over weight and never quite content….  It occurs to me that where you are when you’re reading this, you might (might not) be at a point where you would do anything to come back and reclaim the body I’m hauling around now.  Yes, it is functional.  I can still have fun.  I can still play.  Work.  Live a good life.  So you know, I continue to try and be healthy.  So that you, where ever you are, are as in good a shape as possible for someone your age.  I’m hoping the you then, is in even better shape than the me, now.  That’s optimistic thinking for you!

I hope you can easily recall all of the people you surrounded your self with, now.  I read somewhere, once, something I want to pass along to you.  Of course I have to paraphrase it because I can’t remember it.  So don’t think your forgetting things is something to worry about, you’ve (I’ve) always been like that.   It was something about the way people pass in and out of your life.  Some pass through quickly leaving an impression forever.  Some pass through pretty much unnoticed and you don’t even realize it until later, some you don’t notice at all yet they have changed the course of your life.    And some are around forever.  And where you are now, are likely people I don’t know yet.  But there are people here, now, who have changed your life.  Forever.

Me, I hope you (me) have found out a couple of things I’ve always been curious about.  I hope you traveled more.  Learned how to worry less.  Kept Husband, family and friends at the top of your priority list.  I really hope you got rid of more ‘stuff’.  Even now I realize that too much ‘stuff’ takes away the focus on what really matters.  I’ve given much away and hope by the time you (I) read this you’ve given away anything that does not truly matter.  You know, that extra baggage stuff.  I hope you’ve done more for others than what I’ve (you) have done to this point in your life.  It’s a good life when you do for others and the joy of that is something you look forward to.

I better get going.  I suspect that when you are reading this you are on your bike in the bike room.  Hopefully you have been riding outside and stopped to take a break and eat some carbs.  Took out the handy futuristic technology thing that lets you read at your leisure as you ride your bike where ever you want to go.  But today, as I write this for you (me) I am in the bike room at home (do you still have it?  That home?  That bike room?) and I have to get finished and get ready for work.

I hope you take note that no matter what age you read this, you can chuckle and acknowledge that you are reading it too early.  Because you, I, don’t consider myself old yet.  But even at the tender age I am at the writing of this, I do acknowledge that at any time you choose to read this you will technically be ‘older’.  Just not ‘old’.  Yet.

So I have to sign off now.  If I sign it “love” that seems a bit odd. Or egotistical.  Or, maybe it is quite wonderful to be able to love one’s self.  Enough so that you love the world back for who you are and what you’ve lived.

Eh.  I do love my life.

So, yeah, hey.  I’ll see you later.

Thanks for taking a look back to now.

See me waving?