15 thoughts on “When The Walls Come Down

  1. Ireland .. isn’t beautiful – Ireland for ever – I have always said that Ireland is the place you miss before you have left. *smile
    Beautiful shots, Colleen – sometimes I can’t believe that I lived there for nearly 11 years in total. I have been so lucky.


    • Eleven years. Sigh. I am happily jealous for you. There is nothing like the feeling of standing in the deep green grass, wind blowing, clouds billowing, ruins of history all around you. Or walking in to a pub for a quick pub food meal and catching the essence of hundreds of years worth of people who came in and sat where you sat, ate, and their lives becoming the history that fascinates me….

      Super sigh…


      • They are very easy going .. the Irish – maybe a bit stressed in Dublin. The island of the colors: green hills, black beer and redheaded women. *smile
        I miss Ireland, but most the people.
        I lived one year in Dublin and 10 in Belfast, as you know.


        • I have only really passed through Dublin. Been in Belfast for the World’s Irish Dancing and spent a couple of days doing some very fast, and not very in dept sight seeing.

          The people in Ireland have got to be the kindest. Husband and I would stop to consider what to do, where to go, look at a map and without fail and Irish man, woman or child would ask if we needed help.


          • Yes, that is the Irish for you – Belfast is much friendlier than Dublin, at least those days – they are bit too many in Dublin and they has become a bit streesed too. Scots are just the same, so big hearts and souls.


  2. Colleen, I was just about to write ‘Excellent poem’ when I realised it IS a poem!! What is excellent, is the photographs with those words.

    Love this post, Colleen. Brief. Brunt.


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