Random Thoughts About Love

I believe in love at first site.  It didn’t happen to me though.  I believe in young love that lasts forever.  It didn’t happen to me though.  I believe people can fall in love, love passionately and truly.  And stop.  Stop loving passionately, stop loving at all.   This didn’t happen to me either.

I believe in marriage and all that marriage should be.

I have failed in marriages.

I believe that marriage is not for everyone.

I believe (obviously) that some marriages should be ended.

I know marriages that have ended that never should have.

I am surprised when I come across a ninety year old person who had a divorce in their early years.  I am surprised even though I come across a lot of them.   Divorce has been around for a very long time.  But with all of the advances in communication, media and technology EVERYTHING is talked about more openly.  Literally, everything.

I don’t see all divorces as bad things.  Though most divorces result in someone being hurt, usually more than one person in one way or another.  Do we give up too easily?  Possibly.  But I have also come across some very bitter, angry and suffering people who don’t believe in divorce.  But they apparently think it is the right thing, to stay miserable together.  I have had elderly people tell me that they didn’t get divorced because of what others said or would think.  I have had younger people tell me they oppose divorce but they hate being married.

I’m not really going anywhere with this.  It’s just some thoughts I am having.

I have met married people who when I am around them, I think, this-this is right.  There is comfort to me in being exposed to their relationship.  Just because it works.  I feel it.  And it feels good.

I believe love can not be easily defined.  It shouldn’t be defined by me for you, or by you for me.

I’ve seen people who cuss and carry on at one another who love each other with passion and fire.  I’ve seen quiet and respectful people who could not stand the site of their spouse.  I am not exaggerating this, in my line of work, people tell me ALL kinds of things.

I believe in all of this.  But it’s just my belief.

I do believe in love.  I think love changes us.  I think we change the shape and configuration of love as we grow and change.

Just some random thoughts about love.  It’s a good thing.  Often difficult, often lofty, always good.

I wrote this back in 2009 when none of you knew me.  And I wanted to share it with you so you didn’t have to go back and read all 1250 posts to find it.   I love you that much.

25 thoughts on “Random Thoughts About Love

  1. I think much of what I believe is similar to what you believe.

    I think it is always a sad thing when two people get a divorce … but sometimes it is needed. If lucky, it can be done with civilness.


  2. ♥♥♥ Love the post and your reasoning for reposting. I got lucky with your first two beliefs (love at first sight and young love that last forever). I know that is not always true so I am very grateful I got lucky. 🙂


    • Thanks Robin. I believe in love. But I don’t believe love can be defined by one, for all. I see love like yours, and it’s one of the loves that gives comfort. I think anyone who feels luck, comfort and pure joy in their love-is bound to spread that love to others through their existence. Like you. 🙂


  3. Lot of wisdom. Lot of seeing. Lot of experience in this. Seems it goes deeper than just a belief and is about what you see in us humans out here. Believing, or not, that it is a commentary on love, or even a definition of love, doesn’t change that you have seen what you’ve seen, what you have experienced. What is love? Who the heck can define it as it is something different to each who experiences it in their own unique human experience and boy that is something that words can’t really touch on. The word, description, is never the thing but you did a great job of pointing to a lot of what is really going on. For my money, you’re right on the money.


    • Thank you Paulette. I think the biggest thing I realized when I wrote this is that it is no wonder love is so difficult to define and follow “rules” for. Love is not stagnant. As people we aren’t stagnant. Ever growing and changing.


  4. This with not able to be without and not able to live with – mystery to me. I have friends that have been living together for years with kids, then they get married and max 3 years later are they divorced. I have asked them all – what happened ??? Nobody has an answer.
    My mum have been married 4 times and never found true happiness – and I have never seen myself as married … or as a bride, not even dreamed about it.
    I will never get any wiser when it is about love and …
    Love you post – you’re so right in everything you’re saying, but I have hard to believe that we will be able to only love one person for 40-60, because we change through the years ..
    I think love should be have strong friendship as platform.


    • I won’t ever get any wiser either. 🙂 But I was very fortunate this time. I think to stay in love with someone there has to be change, acceptance of other’s changes.

      And I agree with the friendship platform.


  5. Déjà vu…I really enjoyed ready this because it was almost like reading my own thoughts. I am so intrigued by relationships and love that I am studying to build a career out of it. I really enjoyed this post and look forward to reading your other post as well.


  6. First thank you for the love — for digging the post for us, lol!

    Speaking of digging, love could be deadly where one dig and bury their marriage. They want it dead in the grave but sometimes and surprisingly it grows instead — out of the grave. Therefore, my thoughts on love is…it’s weird 🙂


    • Love is weird!

      Hello Bended! 🙂

      I have witnessed those who thought their marriage was dead, only to see it revive. I have also seen fighting couples divorce, and become wonderful friends AFTER. Maybe the perceived burden of the marriage was too much????

      Love….who can define it?


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