Jamey Rodemeyer’s birthday is today. Every time I hear about bullying or children in emotional crisis I think of him. I hope someone, some where, had a change of heart after reading his story. Or other stories like his. And stopped hating.

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This is just a little blog that just a few people read on a regular basis.  I know I won’t reach hundreds with my thoughts.   And they are just thoughts, and opinions.  I will be lucky if I have tens of people read this and relate in some way.   Though I’m just one, I’m one like many.   I get up every day and do the best job I can at living and being a good person.   I don’t know how to fix the world, but I know how to not be a problem to it.   It’s really pretty simple.

I don’t hate.

I try not to inflict problems in to this world and in to other people’s lives.   It just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

Today was another shake me up kind of day.   I am sometimes so naive it…

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