Stagnant Maturity

Do you realize that you are aging every single second?

That the age you were when you started reading this, you will never be again?

I am pointing this out to you because it was pointed out to me.  When I looked in the mirror this morning.

I fully support the fact (mine) that age is not represented by your body.  However (sounds better than ‘but’) your body ages even while your maturity level stays stagnant.   This may apply only to me.  However, I suspect it applies to at least one or two more of you.

I would like to point out, again, that right now….  You have aged since you read the fourth sentence of this post.

Though I am working on a plan to address this constant aging thing,  as of right now,  we are all stuck with the fact that time is not stopping for a one of us.

To better deal with it I think we need to create a list of things that aging grants us in exchange for each wrinkle and body oddity that it creates.

I’ll start the list.



I’ll get back to you.


I just aged some more.

43 thoughts on “Stagnant Maturity

  1. Oh, this post is crushing me because my birthday is tomorrow and I want time to freeze and never get there. I’ve actually been daydreaming about magical powers that freeze time. I want that superpower and the one where you can remember everything. Anyway, owing to my decrepitude, I’ve actually been thinking about this list for weeks…

    1. Memories
    2. Grownup children who make us proud…after years and years of making us cringe
    3. The kind of wisdom that comes with Experience
    4. Your very own opinions (I find that as I get older I know exactly what I want, so let me have my way, please!)
    5. Abilities…if it takes 10,000 hours to become really good at something, well I’ve collected a lot of hours doing stuff.


  2. Add grandchildren to the list. 🙂

    I’m working on a post about aging, but it might not see the light of day at the rate I’m going. I’ll be so old by the time I finish that I’ll have forgotten what I started.


  3. 1. Chance to say…. Because i said

    2. ” oldest goes first”

    3. Sympathy….and ” goffers” ….could you get my glasses please, my knee s starting to cramp up and i cant get up

    4. Eat out of the box and drink out of the carton …without fear of getting into trouble


  4. Without ageing we would never have the benefit of learning from our mistakes.
    They may be tough to take at the time but we don’t know how many times the wisdom will save us from suffering the consequences all over again in later life.

    Hopefully as I age I can look back at mistakes and have some pride that I only made them once.


    • If you can hum it, you should get a kazoo, and play it with style. I connect your mention of “humming” to the fact that I almost bought a kazoo today. So now I will forever link you to kazoo’s in my head. Welcome to my thought processes. 😉


  5. Boys never grow up while ladies mature faster… I think we got the better end of the deal.

    Perhaps that is why I have no wrinkles… or fat… or forgetfulness… which is exponentially making up for no wrinkles.


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