Vision – The First Step

“I think we all walk around with a greater vision of ourselves and our world. Everyone. The challenge lies in expressing that vision-courageously putting yourself out there every day and saying yes, this is who I really am, this is what I’m meant to do.”- Michael Pollock

I sometimes worry that I’m a bit narcissistic or have grandiose visions that seem ridiculous.

Then I read something like this and can’t help but ponder…

It must truly take courage to see a vision, dream something wonderful, create something unseen or unheard before.

It must take courage to see something wonderful about yourself and take that step that takes this vision out of your head and puts it in front of others. Others who may scoff at your painting, your song, your words, your attempts at being greater than what they see.

What risks do we take when we say to the world “look at me!” . What if the world doesn’t look? Or worse yet, can’t even see? What if the world looks and shrugs it’s massive shoulders, utters a bland “eh” and goes on about it’s business.

What if those who visioned themselves greater than what they were – never acted?

If we apply that to each of our lives, how would we be different than we are now? If one of our ancestors had not envisioned something greater of themselves wouldn’t many, if not all, of our lives be different?

I do have visions. I do have dreams. I see healthier, fitter, visions of myself. I see myself being more involved with family. I envision traveling. I dream of writing fabulous words that hold meaning for me and that others find value in. I dream of riding my bike down the road, around a state, across a country. I envision becoming a better employee. A super wife (I better get busy with this one).

I envision myself being a better human being.

It must be frightening to not have a greater vision of yourself.   I find some comfort in thinking I can be better than what I am.

Okay, truth be told,  I do have other visions.  Writing a fabulous book that is then made in to a movie that tugs at every emotion man and woman have ever experienced and the book and the movie move the world to peace and coexisting- with humans flourishing everywhere in the most beautiful ways.   I  write the musical score for the movie and play it myself with my awesome acoustic guitar.  I stand on a stage with hundreds of other people singing a song I wrote.  And my blog hits one thousand readers in one day.  And I ride my bike around the circumference of the USA and then fly to Ireland and ride around the circumference of Ireland and then cris-cross it to get the midlands accounted for and when I stop at Gráinne O’Malley’s castle I am given the key and told it is mine to live in forever and I can have wi-fi there but everything else is authentic from her time period and I am inspired to write a fabulous period piece from, of course, that period of her life.  Ireland then gives me citizenship.  Then I learn how to dance.   Then I dance merrily with my grandchildren who are living in a world of peace and love.  And we are all drinking Tim Horton’s coffee.     And the world has discovered how great bicycle’s are for everything.   And the most common and loved mode of transportation is the bicycle.  And the world’s health improves.   
What's Next
I do see a greater vision of me.  Because I envision greater every thing.
The first step.