Speak Softly….

….and with respect.

Yesterday I wrote some words.

I sent them out to the world.

Not without fear.  Not with bravery.

And the world spoke back.


In agreement or not, respect was given.

And received.

Thank you world.

For listening.


And proving.

We can discuss.

We can listen.  Hear.  Process.

And come back to discuss some more.

And work on change.




31 thoughts on “Speak Softly….

  1. You mentioned our next family gathering. I would never share my views there! I respect
    My husbands family too much. I am proud that my parents insisted on diversity…to the dismay of my gorgeously devout Christian, traditional grandparents. I LOVE G*d, and I respect the beliefs of everyone…so long as the basic Civil Rights of my brothers and sisters aren’t violated. I believe The Lord Jesus Christ is Super tuned in…


  2. Now, if we all just realized i was right all along….

    JUST kidding. Sometimes i think too much, sometimes I think about the wrong theings, sometimes i dont thnk at all, sometimes thngs like this make me FEEL and THINK. How scary can that be?

    Thanks CB for blogging. This forum makes me feel comfortable in telling others my true feelings.


    • Anonymous, you are welcome. I am very grateful you feel comfortable expressing things here.

      I don’t want to be scared to think anymore. I am. But I don’t want to be. I worry “my” thoughts will be ‘silly’, or misunderstood, or scoffed at. But I guess the greatest thinkers in the world had to take risk. Or we would not have so many wonderful books, poems, music, song, prayers, etc…..

      Thank you.


  3. You’re such a lovable person … and you have a very creative mind … plus that you are generous …. I just love to be around you. *smile … you make me feel smart too .. *smile


    • Viveka!! (I yell that with a smile and happy laugh!) How wonderful of you. I’m blushing myself now, or maybe flushed (I have a wee fever). I don’t know how smart I am, but I will certainly not stop you from thinking so. 🙂 Thank YOU for staying around with me.


  4. I didn’t comment at the time simply because I don’t have a particularly strong point of view regarding the subject matter. No point in commenting just for the sake of being heard.

    I did however admire the structure and clarity of your post. Regardless of personal opinion on the subject matter reading the post was a lesson in wordmanship.

    I found the ensuing debate and discussion even more interesting. Stimulating such strong and varied opinion is the result of a well crafted piece of writing.
    Handling those opinions with such respect and courtesy is a difficult skill and when you seem to have mastered.



      • Steven, thank you. I have written “stuff” for as long as I can remember. Even though the subject matter was more important than “my” writing it, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you commenting on the writing of it, and the discussion it sparked. I am so impressed with everyone’s respectful discourse. When something so emotionally charged is entered into discussion you can never be sure of the outcome. If I was to base human kind’s ability to “discuss” on these people’s comments, I would have the utmost hope for all of us. Again, my thanks to you.


  5. You shared and listened and affirmed everyone who joined in. This is one reason why I decided to read more of your blog. The other reason is that you’re as funny and witty as I am (just kidding!!!) You’re way up there with the fun and wit 😉

    Bless you for being…you, CMC. I’m so glad I followed your blog.



    • Oh Mary, thank YOU. I am happy with being “way up there” with the fun and the wit. I am one of those folks who trip merrily over their tongue when trying to say something witty. Here I can “delete” and redo! I am glad you feel I affirmed everyone, I have worried I would miss someone so I keep checking. Thank you for finding me ! 🙂


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