Tea With God

What if God met me half way between my birth and my death.  What if I met with Him for a talk.   He was gracious enough to sit with me for a cup of tea and let me ask questions.  Or let me explain my actions, lack of actions, and give Him my excuses.

What would He say?

When I tell Him my confusion about the Bible, and what everyone says it says.   And He says    “that’s not what I said”.

What if I tell Him I’m confused about the meaning of what everyone says His word means and He says “that’s certainly not what I meant!”

When  I tell Him of the stand I took against others.   What if He shakes His head and says “Colleen, when did I ever ask you to cause harm, or hate anyone?”

What if I point out sins of others and He asks gently “Colleen, are you without sin?”

What if I point out all of the contradictions in the Bible and He says “those aren’t My contradictions.  They are man’s.  They are yours.”

What if I explain that I don’t understand everything that everyone else is telling me, and arguing about and He says, kindly “Colleen, what do you know and believe to be true?”

What if I tell Him my basic belief is love and kindness and He asks me “how did you show this all of your life?”

What if I tell Him I spent my life judging others by what I thought He expected of me and He says “Colleen, your life is your judgement.  Everyone’s life is Mine”.

What if I hang my head, knowing I have failed.

And He lifts my chin as gently as a Father does and He says “you have been forgiven because I love you.”


I am sure my tea would go untouched.

But not my life.

I am forgiven, today of all days, for my failures.

And I am blessed.