Tea With God

What if God met me half way between my birth and my death.  What if I met with Him for a talk.   He was gracious enough to sit with me for a cup of tea and let me ask questions.  Or let me explain my actions, lack of actions, and give Him my excuses.

What would He say?

When I tell Him my confusion about the Bible, and what everyone says it says.   And He says    “that’s not what I said”.

What if I tell Him I’m confused about the meaning of what everyone says His word means and He says “that’s certainly not what I meant!”

When  I tell Him of the stand I took against others.   What if He shakes His head and says “Colleen, when did I ever ask you to cause harm, or hate anyone?”

What if I point out sins of others and He asks gently “Colleen, are you without sin?”

What if I point out all of the contradictions in the Bible and He says “those aren’t My contradictions.  They are man’s.  They are yours.”

What if I explain that I don’t understand everything that everyone else is telling me, and arguing about and He says, kindly “Colleen, what do you know and believe to be true?”

What if I tell Him my basic belief is love and kindness and He asks me “how did you show this all of your life?”

What if I tell Him I spent my life judging others by what I thought He expected of me and He says “Colleen, your life is your judgement.  Everyone’s life is Mine”.

What if I hang my head, knowing I have failed.

And He lifts my chin as gently as a Father does and He says “you have been forgiven because I love you.”


I am sure my tea would go untouched.

But not my life.

I am forgiven, today of all days, for my failures.

And I am blessed.

25 thoughts on “Tea With God

  1. Have you heard of the book “Dinner With a Perfect Stranger?” It’s a really good book and going from what you just blogged which is amazing by the way, you would love it!

    We truly are forgiven. Happy Easter.


  2. You just met Him and respond exactly as you stated. That’s how I claimed my conversation with Him. It’s not a conversation from the mind — it’s from the heart.

    Right now, He smiled lovingly at me and I cried in the beauty of it all — Him smiling at me and you talking to Him.

    Now drink that tea 🙂


  3. You know Colleen, I am a Christian and believe. But I do not believe what man has done with the message – saying my church is better than yours – and if you do not believe this is the hell you will receive. I believe in the way Christ lived his life. Under all the finger pointing, and I am better than you or your God stands for the truth. There is one God and one message, but man in his ‘wisdom ‘ has turned it into different sects. different beliefs. There is one message. Love.


    • That’s exactly what I keep going back to Chris. For all of the confusing messages, and the points that people argue about…. Doesn’t it go back to how God wants us to treat one another, and “be” with one another? And that does come down to love. Thank you.


  4. I struggle with faith, struggle trying to find any.

    Why is life so cruel to those who deserve better? Why do so many live as they wish without consequence when those who live the way You wish feel like they are being ‘punished’?

    I wonder what answer I would be given.

    Another important question would be “can you turn my tea into wine?” 🙂


    • You sure put a lot of my wonderings very clearly in 2 questions. Very perfectly asked. I wonder as well, what the answers will be. I am sure I can’t even imagine.

      And I suspect God would appreciate your humor and likely it would be wine in your tea cup. 😉


  5. And, what if everything you said, is God?

    Colleen. I’m honestly at a loss for words over how well you write, how you risk and communicate with such depth of heart and how grateful I am that I get to commune with you on a regular basis. If ever there was a light shining, trust me, it is yours, in all glorious humanness.


    • Paulette, you have no idea how your words got to me today. I read them during my lunch break while sitting in my car. I had to read them a couple of times. In all my “glorious humanness” just struck me as so wonderful. The entire statement is wonderful….and I can’t thank you enough.


  6. What a wonderful heartfelt message that I know is from God to all of us as well. I can hear the compassion of His voice in your words. You truly have a wonderful gift from God.


  7. I don’t know what to say as I cannot comprehend… so don’t judge me. 🙂 but whatever is meant, the writing was truly lovely. I hope you attained your religious fulfillment from that day. 🙂


  8. First off…whoa. And then I noticed that this post was “liked” by Harper Faulkner. Boy do I miss that guy. Don’t mind me…I gots lots more reading to do around here.


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