Portals Worth Taking

We took a Bridge Portal today.

Bridge Portal

Bridge Portal


Just to see what was on the other side.

Biker No Matter What


Husband went first.   Just to be safe.

Path To Bike


We didn’t find a yellow brick road.

Flowers Yellow

But we found some yellow to follow.

Spot Of Color Burst

And some trees to point the way.

Bended Tree

And waters that meandered about and around us.

Winding Water


Leading us to another portal.

Sun Portal

That when we followed.

Took us to the sun.

Any portal that takes you some place new.

Full of energy.

And fills your life with goodness.

Is worth taking.





36 thoughts on “Portals Worth Taking

  1. Love daffodils … what a great gallery … I like the comfortable bikes. Never seen that model before … Yellow brick road, who needs that … really. Thanks for bring me along, even if I could keep up with you.


    • I don’t want a yellow brick road. But I do love stones and rocks. I love looking at them. You are welcome for the ride. That bike is one of Husband’s. He will be going for a long ride this summer using it.


        • Husband modified this with a special pad behind his back. But the trail we were on was paved unless we pulled off (like the picture with the paving stones). But it could get ouchy if it was a bumpy ride. But probably not nearly as painful as riding a regular 2 wheel bike over a bumpy road, that would hurt more.


          • That I can understand … because he are close to the bumpy road. Still it’s a very COOL bike, but I think I prefer a normal bike … we have electric bikes now, I don’t know for what reason real.


            • The first time I ever saw an electric bike it was at a bike rental shop on a bike trail. The man had them there for the elderly or disabled to use. So if they rode out, and then needed more energy to get back they could switch on the electric. This man let disabled folks use bikes for free. I loved that. 🙂


              • What a fantastic thing … that make me all warm inside .. that they lend out bikes for free to disabled. Wish there was more thinking like that. They cost quite a lot those bikes. We have only one hill in Landskrona … it’s so flat and that’s why everbody is on a bike.


    • Well….yes and no. Years ago we both bought recumbants. But they have pretty much been “used up”. They were 2 wheel recumbants. Now this 3 wheeler is because of damage done to his hands. He has been biking for more decades than I’ve been alive! And his hands have taken a beating. He is going on a bike trip this summer so he is trying this to see how it does. He loves it!

      What are you looking for?


      • So he now has a 3-wheeled one….and you have a 2 wheeled one? I have never tried one by the way … it seems like you would need a lot of energy…as there is no gravity helping you pedal? (I could be totally wrong there … but when I watch people pedal…it is all legs…sometimes there is the hand crank too though …which sounds like what your husband has?)

        As for me…I am wanting to get a 2nd bike. The one I have now is a hybrid. Mountain bike – road bike … not really for riding trails…more for communting or riding on paved paths.

        The new one I wam wanting is a regular road bike (drop handles) … I looked at a Trek Madrone … about $TooMuch … but tomorrow I will go see someone at a gym I go to….she is about similar height/build as me. She has a Cannondale she is selling. It’s a $1500 bike that she is selling for $500 …. so I am hoping it’s the right size for me.

        I want to get a road bike because this year I have signed up for no less than 3 metric century rides (62 miles) … and I am thnking of doing a real century…and 3 other event rides in the range of 25 – 36 miles each. I did a metric century last year with my hybrid…it was brutal!


        • I hope the bike fits you!

          The bike Husband is riding in that picture is not a hand crank. It is foot pedaled. And yes it takes a different set of muscles. But he is really liking it.

          I don’t even want to tell you how many bikes we have. A lot. And I mean, A LOT. 🙂 But never quite enough it seems. 😉

          I try to do at least one century ride a summer. But I haven’t joined many events any more. Though I did do a short one last year. 40 miles.

          I absolutely love bikes. 🙂


  2. Those clouds at the end, Colleen…. beautiful photo.

    Loved this (especially that yellow flower). Love seeing your neighbourhood! 🙂


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