A Family of Patriots

A family who serves us, deserves our thanks and prayers.

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This morning while I listened to eulogies describing former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as “A great Briton” and a patriot, my thoughts turned to my classmate Dorothy Mahaffy Steel, a great American and patriot. Like Thatcher, Steel knows what it like to be a woman in a traditionally male arena. While many of us women in the Class of 1980 focused, at least some of the time, on breaking boundaries for females, Dorothy (Dee) completely focused on serving her God and country —  and varsity gymnastics.

After graduation, in addition to her own Air Force obligations and remaining active in gymnastics, Dee married a like-minded USAFA graduate and together they raised a family of patriots. On April 3, Dee made a sacrifice that she readily understood and accepted as part of her family’s moral code. Her son died while landing his F-16 in Afghanistan.

The loss of Captain…

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4 thoughts on “A Family of Patriots

  1. viveka says:

    Colleen, thanks for the link …. wonderful post about Dee. I have never been a fan of Mrs Thatcher and what she stood for. But we are always so good .. after we passed away, sadly enough.


  2. Thank you for spreading the word about this family. I just learned that another classmate of Dee and mine also married an Air Force Academy (AFA) graduate (’78) and also has three sons who graduated from AFA in the same years as Dee’s sons.


    • You’re very welcome. I am very grateful for the sacrifice people make when they commit their lives, their work, to making our world safe, better, or cared for. I appreciate you, your friends, your families.


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