Dear North Korea,

Dear North Korea,

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

But I understand you are playing with missiles.  And I apologize, I do not mean to minimize the power of a missile or the power that you have when wielding a missile.   I guess when I say “play” I refer to the idea of you threatening others with it, and waving it about recklessly like you might use it.  Or will use it and you are just taking your time to torment people.  I suppose “play” is a totally inappropriate word there.  Play is supposed to be fun.

This does not sound like fun.

Surely I don’t get the politics involved here.   Admittedly, I am quite naive about my own country’s politics, let alone yours.

But I have a question or two…

If you fire this missile at others, won’t they fire more missiles back at you?

Don’t you have a country full of children?  Older folks who worked hard all of their lives who would enjoy a rest from hard work and worry?  Younger folks who are starting families and careers and looking forward to what their efforts will bring them?

Again, in my naivety, I would think these people matter.   And if you fire a  missile at others-you are asking these same others-to fire back at you.

At your people.

At your families full of children.  Women.  Men.  Grandparents.

What’s the point of that?

I do apologize for not knowing or understanding more about the worries and problems you are dealing with.   But in my experience with people who play with missiles, someone gets hurt.  Probably a lot of someone’s.  It makes others angry.  When they have missiles fired at them.  And then everyone is shooting missiles at one another.   No one wins.

And nothing ends up getting resolved.

What is it you want resolved?  And isn’t there a better way to achieve this?

I don’t want to see missiles being fired.  I don’t want to see people getting hurt.  I don’t want to see more young men and women, in my country or yours, going to fight battles that could be better fought with words and less bloodshed.

I think I am like millions of others in this world.  I get up, I go to work, I love my family, I do my best to follow the laws of my country and respect others.  I don’t understand everything about everyone, but I’m not a threat to anyone else because I don’t agree with them.   I am sure that your country is full of people who are trying their best to get by, to build lives, to be with their family.

And you seem to be threatening your own people’s well being.

I don’t get that.

Sorry if this comes across as naive, but I did claim that, so it should be accepted.

Wishing you peace and common sense.

And well being.

I sign off full of hope for your people.


31 thoughts on “Dear North Korea,

  1. Unfortunately, Colleen, you’re talking common sense to a young, spoiled, bored kid who has nothing better to do than go out and play with his toys. Which is not too far from what our own politicians tend to do. Only this really IS worse. He’s bonkers, and that is dangerous. I wish I had more positive thoughts on the matter, but I really don’t. Nice try, though Colleen, but some people haven’t the ears or intellect to hear what you’re trying to say.

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    • Sadly it does seem too easy to me. Don’t fire missiles at others and they won’t fire them at you. Unless you are he. No one is firing them at him, and he is acting as if he is going to fire. If someone can’t understand that simplicity I would be super worried about their mental capacity.


      • I agree with Yaz. Another idiot (like his father), with no regard for human life, let alone for those struggling and suffering around him. He is pretty much doing what his dad used to do, although you figured he would be somehow smarter since he attended American schools (under a disguise of course).

        Or there could be more to this, the other side of the coin. He could want something to actually happen, maybe with an end result of South Korea taking over the entire country. North Korea has a pretty poor economy right now because of past mistakes by its leadership.

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  2. Well, I won’t pretend to know anything on this subject but I love this letter! It makes perfect sense to me and if I were a leader of a country who was going through some serious turmoil and I received a letter from Chatter Master I would definitely take heed and take it to heart!


  3. I believe that in general … the leaders in N. Korea are miscalculating.

    But also…I tend to believe …governments start wars … not the people.

    it is my belief that ‘people’ in N. Korea are the same as ‘people’ in the States or in Europe or in Afghanistan or anywhere else…they want to have a ‘good’ life, one that make the world a better place for their children.

    I admit too, I am not the best at understanding the politics of it all … but I FEEL the human side.

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  4. I see him as a fruit cake… But then again, it just may be North Korea is economically on the verge of collapse – and he is seeking a way out while saving face. You know, protect his family name type of thing.

    Regardless, your words are strong and pure. And full of wisdom. Unfortunately, something similar in concept happened 80 years ago in Germany…and ignorance and peace lovers delayed appropriate action to eliminate the fruit cake at that time.

    (ps If North Korea collapses, so will South Korea. Their system will be overloaded as many have relatives in North Korea. Health, food, jobs, housing, etc…

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  5. You’re so right .. it will only take a couple of minutes and they will one up their ass … but they are like mad dogs – don’t think so far. That man is like a dog with rabbis. The people don’t want war .. it’s their leader. But also dog that barks don’t bite … I think a lot has to do .. with showing of, to make US unsure … they want to get to US – because of the ban of imports and exports.
    . Just listen to Susan Boyle singing “Amazing Grace.


  6. This fine letter would never see the light of day in his world. He does not care about his people. He is Absolute! As long as the people do what he commands they are safe. They cannot disagree with him. They can be replaced in an instance. I like what you said and I wish it would only take a letter from everyone in the world to make a difference, but I see him on the TV and I see an absolute narcissistic nut. I think you do too. I enjoy your blog and wait for one each day. Thank you.


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