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The Most Crucial Block In Our Children’s Foundation

What your child’s eyes see

Is absorbed in to his brain.

What your child’s ears hear

Is  absorbed in to her brain.

What you don’t do

They remember.

What you do

They remember.

And they model.


I’m not a sociologist or scientist or psychologist.  But… if we fill our children’s world with entertainment that weighs heavy with violence and we watch it with them aren’t we programming them to enjoy violence?   If we fill our children’s world with songs of sex, and violence and abuse, aren’t we programming them to accept it?   If we fill our children’s world with lowered expectations and excuses-aren’t we going to get exactly what we are asking for.

I will never regret singing “The Barney Song” with my children.  Or watching Sesame Street and Little House On The Prairie with my children.  I will never regret reading them Fraggle Rock.   I will never regret holding off to get cable and then locking out MTV and other channels when I did get cable.  I will never regret my children working to earn money.  I will never regret expecting them to do their own work in school.  I will never regret them trying to impress me and make me proud.  I will never regret holding them accountable for when they were wrong.  I will never regret telling them I was sorry when I was wrong.  I will never regret telling them no when I meant no.  I will never regret calling their friends parents when I knew something that the other parents should know.

I will never, ever, regret parenting my children.

Parenting, the most crucial block in our children’s foundation.

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