Boston: I Pray For You.

Before the assumptions take over the facts…

I hope we all take time to ask our God, our Higher Power, our Deity, our God by another name, forgive me for not knowing them all and I don’t want to leave anyone out so I say “our” God, whatever term is yours.  Our Light.  If your belief is not Higher Power based but compassion based, let us all pull our beliefs together:  to please help us through this.

I hope the assumptions are withheld so the news can be reported factually.

If they don’t know, don’t report.

I hope that we keep our focus that once again, human beings have set a trap for fellow human beings.  With the intent to kill.  Harm.  Maim.

But why are we surprised.

As human beings we have been hurting one another every single day.


Will we be the ones who  self destruct.

Or will we be the ones who change our ways.

Can we put aside our differences and focus on what we all have.  We all have beliefs, we all bleed, we all mourn, we all grieve.  We all hurt.  We all love, we all live, we all fear.

Can we pull together our compassion for the injured.

Can we pull together our shock and dismay.

Can we mourn our world and what we have come  to.

Can we come together and repair.

My belief is in prayer and in ourselves.  I will stand next to you, with you, whatever your belief.  If you believe we can work together.

God bless the injured and their families.  God helps us to help them.