Armor And Shield

For every calculated evil that exists or is enacted and broadcast, there are millions of kind and good spirited acts that are not broadcast.   But the kindness goes on.  There is no need to glorify it because the glory is inherent to the deed.   The expectation of us, as humans, is decency.

Though we are not surprised by evil acts…..

We would be fully crushed and devastated and struck down in our disbelief if the fully expected acts of love, generosity and kindness stopped.

Evil may get the news coverage and the media frenzy.

But love, compassion and kindness are the never wavering, always enduring heroes of humanity.

Most often  our good deeds exist quietly and in abundance.

Our goodness is our armor and shield.

And our power.

34 thoughts on “Armor And Shield

  1. Just beautiful …. written, you’re so right … we only are provided with the ugly parts in press and media. I have never stopped to wonder why in US is it allowed to show on TV how people are beaten and abused in films and programs, but not allowed to show love between to people or a naked breast. Love comes …. in second place – hopefully we are smart enough to put love first in our own world.


  2. Thank you Colleen for your post. Our true being is goodness. Even those who act from evil are created from Love, they’ve only forgotten and choosing to see separation and let fear take over (I’ve seen this in myself). I see that during a tragedy how true being helps another regardless of…. We don’t stop to ask, have you ever spoke evil words toward another, had an affair, molested or raped another or…Our higher being helps regardless. When there isn’t a tragedy, would we help someone if we knew their past or would we speak bad of them, judge them and not offer them help when needed? This is something I never thought of until the last few years while on my spiritual journey of change. We are all powerful beings of love.


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