You Might Not Know It America….But I Love You

America, I love you.

Despite my complaints about the politics here, I love you.

Because you have provided for me and my family, I love you.

Even when I slack off  in my responsibilities to you, I love you.

When I keep asking you for more, when I should be giving back, I love you.

Yes, even when I have to pay taxes, I love you.

Sometimes I don’t agree with you, I love you still.

I know that if I truly don’t like something here I have the freedom to voice it, and I love you for this.

And if complaining about it isn’t enough I have the freedom to work hard to make change, I love you for this too.

Sometimes I don’t like the changes, I love you anyway.

I love your generosity and willingness to help.  Is saying I love here, redundant?

Even if I didn’t love you, I could stay if I wanted.  And if I didn’t love you, I would be free to leave.  That’s pretty awesome too.

But I love you.  Despite my flaws as a citizen, and despite anything about you that might not be perfect, I love you.

That’s all I really have to say America.  Thanks for letting me say it.  I think, sometimes, we just need to know how we feel about one another.