39 thoughts on “Magnificent

  1. I never saw myself as magnificent. I know I’ve heard more than once while growing up attending church and Sunday school that We are created in the image of God. I never asked, what does that mean. The Creator is magnificent and therefore each of us is magnificent. I get in my own way of seeing my magnificence. Here’s to each one of you who is reading this, You are Beautifully Magnificent.


  2. That tree is magnificent indeed. It provides a tremendous amount of shade and comfort. Yep, I’d say you’re just as magnificent as the tree, Colleen!


  3. I’m sure you’re magnificent as a tree .. for those around you!!!! Maybe not so tall, but with very strong roots and wide branches.
    I have always looked at myself as a rock … rough on side and smooth on the othere. Have a lovely weekend.


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