The most common  word I am likely to  ever utter is:   uhm.

Maybe it’s a sound and not a word.

But I speak it often enough it should be a word.

And if it’s a word the definitions are never ending.

Uhm…..I don’t know what to say.

Uhm…..I don’t know how to say it.

Uhm….I’m really uncomfortable with what I want to say.

Uhm….I can’t think of anything to say.

Uhm….I wish I didn’t have to say this.

Uhm….I’m so overcome with emotion/gratitude/devastation  I can’t speak my words.

Uhm….I have no words to say what it is I am feeling/experiencing.

Uhm…I have too many words swirling around I can’t put them in a coherent order.

Uhm….There is so much to say that I need to deep breathe.

Uhm….I need you to help me say what I have to say.


36 thoughts on “Uhm….

  1. You are using the Irish dictionary for spellcheck (which I know you rely on). It is spelled “ahhhmmm”. Please set your system dictionary settings to English to enable proper spellchecking in the future.


  2. My husband says I say “Hmm…” whenever I clearly don’t agree with something he has said. When he says something I agree with or like I have lots to say. I think more times than not I am saying “Hmmmmm….”


  3. If I do not script my podcast episodes, or if I am doing my audio diary I usually end up saying “uhm” quite a bit when I am trying to think of the next point I want to say. My speech class (giving speeches) has been helping me with this quite a bit.


    • I used to have to change my voice mail at work every single day. For eight years I read the same script. If I had to alter for any reason I would be so full of uhms and uhhhh’s I would have to redo it numerous times. I get the ‘scripted’ thing.


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