Change Happens

Many of you may, or may not, know this…   But I was a singer.  In a band.  And we toured the country.  We traveled up and down I-70 from home to our weekend farm.

Rare, vintage shot of the band:

On Tour.

On Tour.

Our tour bus.


The legs you see at the far right of the picture are likely either the manager (dad), bus driver (dad), or one of the  roadies (brothers).

Sadly, things change.  Our manager and bus driver left us all too soon.

The roadies dropped us like hot potatoes when they found out they could get jobs that actually paid money.

And that kind of fashion (sic) has long gone out of style.  Yes, I realize it is loosely being referred to as ‘style’ here.

The band, though still in touch, disbanded once we realized we didn’t sound anything like the Kingston Trio.   Very sad realization.   Rough memory, that one.

Things have changed since that performance on the tour bus.  I no longer wear knee highs with my short shorts.  Nor do I wear short shorts.  I am pretty sure the male lead no longer wears red pants.   And the short girl looks way old now.

It’s amazing to look at that shot of the band and know the differences, the changes.  Changes that are good.  Changes that are rough.  I know we don’t want to stay stagnant.  Change must happen.    It’s not that I don’t want change.  I just, sometimes wish, things weren’t always so different.