Come To This Day

The value of today.

Depends on the worth of my effort.  My energy.  My attempts.  My appreciation.

I always told my martial arts students to come to class no matter what.  Bring to class the energy you have.  Share it with the others.  Sometimes you might be the one bringing in the fire, and that fire will ignite others.  Other times you might be the one needing to live off of someone else’s light.  Come to class and get some fire.  But share the energy.  Bring it to class.

Come to this day.

No matter what.

Bring what you have.

Whatever you’ve got.  Bring it.

The value of today includes the value of you in my world today.

I’m on my way.

We’ll value the crap out of this day!

34 thoughts on “Come To This Day

  1. I love that you start so professionally – and esoterically (is that spelled correctlyÉ) and then bring it back down to earth with the last line… bravo. It makes it all very real and connects to everyone. I think I may use this analogy in my class today! Thanks –


  2. Cheers to “valuing the crap out of this day!” It’s better to be all in and fully present than to just do life half-way. Great reminder Colleen! 🙂


  3. With an attitude like that … you must had a fantastic day. Fantastic!!! But also somebody that don’t have any energy can bring the rest down and very quick … so I think that there is days when we shouldn’t share … maybe not even be there. Today I have a very rough day … and already I have brought down the spirit of the post. So sorry.


    • Viveka, I did have a good day. Thank you. And you did not in any way bring down the spirit of the post. I am actually very pleased that you felt comfortable enough here to say you were having a bad day. I hope tomorrow is better. You have shared many fantastic moments of your own and beauty from your home that have lifted me. I hope you are somewhat lifted by knowing someone who hasn’t even met you…hopes you feel better.


  4. Absolutely the value of life is in your effort. I’ve realised this so well and truly. It’s a labour sometimes, though, as life takes effort & sometimes I just don’t have the energy. BUT when you put in the energy, life takes on all new dimensions.

    I bet you DID value the life out of that day 🙂


  5. “The value of today.

    Depends on the worth of my effort. My energy. My attempts. My appreciation.”

    Absolutely true. Attitudes mean everything…


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