An Exception To Everything

I don’t have to agree with you,

For you to be right.

You not agreeing with me,

Doesn’t make me wrong.




Seeing things differently has given us the greatest art.

The most brilliant of innovations.

And fabulous pieces of literature.


If not for our differences…

Imagine the great debates and arguments we would have missed out on.


This does not apply to siblings.

I’m always right.

They are always wrong.

40 thoughts on “An Exception To Everything

  1. Aint commenting on this one (even if its late) as it involves siblings and whose right and wrong (I agree with you on that matter by the way)…and there I went with my comment…okay zippin now….


        • Whoa! Hold off on the revenge there little Irish Katie! If you are the youngest than speaking in general terms of the older siblings…YOU were spoiled rotten. πŸ™‚ It all evens out! Besides, older siblings are MUCH better (sadly) at revenge.



          • Little?!?!? omg….little?!?!? I will have you know I am *stands up tall and straight*….errr…ok….so perhaps 5′ *mumble mumble* isn’t tall…but….

            Uhmmm….how about … in the true Irish fashion, I will have my clan attack your clan? Ok…my clan isn’t really the attacking type….

            *thinks again*

            Ohhhhhhhhhhh….I know.

            I challenge you to a drinking duel. Well, not me….but my brothers will stand in for me. Heh heh ….


            • Hhhhhmmm….interesting.

              I meant “little” as in the littlest (youngest) one, but if little fits your height….it’s because you are made up of left over parts.

              Hahahahahahhaa! That’s what we always told our “little” sister.

              And drinking challenge is ON! BUT! I have to have my brothers stand in for me because I don’t drink.

              Wait….this is starting to sound like a party. To hell with the challenge! Let’s just have a party!!!!!!!!!!!!



            • Yahhh! A party would be awesome fun indeed.

              Wait … if the Irish are involved….won’t there end up being a fight involved? *smirkles…..damn-it Katie…why are you promoting such stereotypes?!?!?*

              There really should be a WordPress party…it would be so cool to meet all the people we have gotten to know *smiles*


              • What…what! Wait!!!! I suggested we have a party and YOU suggested we fight. And, come to think of it, you suggested the drinking as well!!!! Are Irish allowed to stereotype themselves????

                Ah well….it would be a grand gathering indeed!

                WordPress Party….I wonder if we could get a grant, or seed money for that??? πŸ˜‰


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