Personal Responsibility

It costs you absolutely nothing to flush the public toilet you just used.

It costs me a little bit more of my hope in humanity when you do not.

For the sake of humanity …

Do the right thing.

Personal responsibility towards others is not something we should take lightly.

32 thoughts on “Personal Responsibility

    • Very good point FeelingJoy! 🙂 Of course there are exceptions for that. Maybe. But even at that, there are 200 employees in the building, if it’s an employee they should put a note on the door of the offending or broken stall saying OUT OF ORDER and contact maintenance. If it is the public they should tell a staff (all staff wear badges). If it wasn’t an every day ALL day occurrence it would be so much easier to not get so frustrated by. But it happens SO often, every single day….some of it is intentional. I’ve been in there when people walk in, use, don’t flush, don’t wash hands, walk out. I do believe things happen like you say, maybe it wouldn’t flush, and staff couldn’t be easily found and someone was in a hurry. But …ugh. What a surprise when one walks in there!!!!



  1. Uhmm… a TMI commeny…men look away lol. Why do some women insist on trying flush their napkins or tampons too? Every single public restroom has a sign that says not to. And you would not do this at home either. It is so …bizarre. (Ack..see…TMI)


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